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What Should You Know to Pass Microsoft MTA 98-364 Certification Exam?

It is impossible to overlook the name of Microsoft when you are talking about the leading tech organizations in the world. Microsoft has created its position in the tech world, and it is not revealing any signs of slowing down. The company introduces more hardware devices and software every year; they are known for their excellence and commitment. However, some people aren’t aware of the truth that Microsoft also offers certifications, but taking hold of that certification can be tough.

There are, in fact, four different levels of certifications that Microsoft offers are, MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD. To obtain these certifications, you need to have good knowledge in your distinct domain. You also have to pass a respective exam, and there are things you need to face when earning a Microsoft certificate. This article explains about Microsoft 98-364 certification exam, which you have to pass if you want to get take the MTA certification.

MTA Certification and 98-364 Exam: Fundamental Information

The MTA certification is for beginners, created to equip you with the basic technical skills needed in such areas as a developer, database, and IT professionals. It’s the best choice for those who intend to establish a successful career in the IT field. Microsoft 98-364 is one of the certifications on the MTA certification track. The Microsoft 98-364 exam focuses on Database Fundamentals, and the applicants must know how to manage the Microsoft SQL Server. As for the number of exam questions, it should be referred that normally, Microsoft exams comprised of around 40-60 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in approximately 45 minutes. So, the specific number of questions will be known nearer to the exam date. 98-364 exam is available in various languages, among which are Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, French, and English. This MTA exam costs $127. In case you fail the exam, you will have to pay the fee again to retake the exam.

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To be successful in the Microsoft 98-364 exam, it is advised that the applicant should have experience with database technologies and concepts. Bear in mind that the applicants only need practical experience and no job experience.

MTA 98-364 Exam Structure

When you are taking the Microsoft 98-364 exam, you need to have a command over a few domains, which are:

  • Understand Data Storage
  • Administer a Database
  • Create Database Objects
  • Understanding Core Database Concepts
  • Manipulate Data

Having a solid knowledge of them, you will be able to pass the Microsoft 98-364 exam easily.

It is widespread for people to fail at the Microsoft 98-364 exam on the first attempt, so don’t blame yourself. The exam is quite tricky, and even the best people require a few attempts to pass this exam. However, once you pass this Microsoft exam, you will be able to relish a lot of perks. So, to have an absolute exam preparation, read the following paragraph.

How to Prepare for MTA 98-364 Certification?

Regardless of how much experience you have in databases, you will have to prepare for the Microsoft 98-364 exam thoroughly. There are various sources that you can use for this exam, and you should take as many as you can.

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To start with, find the study guide on the 98-364 exam fist, either on Microsoft Press Store or on the Amazon website. Then check out for the official training courses at Microsoft. Keep in mind that Microsoft is one of the vendors that certify qualified professionals having practical skills already. That’s why pay your attention to commanding them and obtain as much hands-on experience as possible. After that, it’s time to revise the learned material, and the practice test is the best option for this. Many websites offer an extensive collection of practice questions.

Practice tests will help you practice in the actual exam environment, track, and better your results. MTA 98-364 practice tests will help you understand the kind of questions that will be asked and how to answer them at the exam. Moreover, you can find online videos providing exam details, tips to prepare for the exam, and practice questions. These videos will prove to be really beneficial as they include everything that you need to know about the Microsoft 98-364 certification exam. Take in mind that it’s good to begin your preparation for the exam as soon as possible.


In a nutshell, although MTA certification is not a prerequisite to obtaining MCSA certification, it’s worth getting if you are not confident in your skills and expertise. Microsoft 98-364 exam is an essential exam for the MTA certification and will be advantageous for your career. For example, employers are always seeking for certified professionals because their skills have been measured by the globally recognized IT vendor – Microsoft. Not all applicants pass Microsoft exams, that’s why organizations hold on to the ones they’ve found.

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