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What Makes CompTIA PenTest+ a Good Choice

If hacking attracts you and you have some fundamental IT skills, you should sincerely think of earning CompTIA Pentest+ certification. Penetration testing is a quickly growing field in the IT field. As organizations seek to recognize and lessen vulnerabilities in their systems, ethical hacking has become a reliable and profitable profession.

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The aspect of cybersecurity is an ever-evolving environment. It imperils the livelihood of every business in every industry in all corners of the globe. Since enterprises struggle to defend themselves and their clients against cyber-attacks and data violations. The skills to conduct penetration testing satisfactorily is a unique skill set that is promptly becoming increasingly valuable to businesses requiring protection, and even more lucrative for those few who possess these rare skills. CompTIA PenTest+ is a certification for intermediate level cybersecurity professionals who are mandated with penetration testing to recognize, utilize, report, and administer vulnerabilities on a network.

What is the CompTIA PenTest+ Certification?

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification is intended to gauge the skills of those security professionals who are concerned in penetration testing of IT networks and vulnerability management. Assessment is through practical, performance-based questions and multiple-choice questions.

The certification is serving two functions. Not only does it test the ability of penetration testers, but it also looks at the person’s management skills in planning, perception of a scope of work, and system weakness management.

The assessment includes everything from traditional desktops by cloud and web servers to mobile devices. The CompTIA PenTest+ satisfies the ISO 17024 standard.

The CompTIA PenTest+ exam is usually taken by employees with the following prerequisites:

  • CompTIA Network+
  • Security+ or similar knowledge
  • At least three to four years of hands-on information security or relevant experience.

PenTest+ evaluates the most updated penetration testing, and vulnerability evaluation and management competencies required to manage the resiliency of the network against attacks. Successful applicants will have the core skills and most useful practices needed to adapt assessment frameworks to efficiently collaborate on and report findings, and communicate recommended approaches to enhance the overall situation of IT security.

What Makes CompTIA PenTest+ a Good Choice

  • CompTIA PenTest+ certification thoroughly includes everything a penetration tester should understand, from project planning and analysis to project reporting and presentation.
  • Pentest+ is at an intermediate level certification that’s valid for three years from the date of the exam.
  • CompTIA PenTest+ certifications offer more than Pen Testing skills; it also incorporates job roles, specifically vulnerability management and vulnerability assessment, along with penetration testing.
  • PenTest+ certification equips professionals with a vital cybersecurity strategy. Apart from this, you will additionally learn beyond secure practices, the idea of attack policy that must be recognized by IT professionals.
  • CompTIA PenTest+ supports cybersecurity pros to think offensively, while CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) measures defensive skills. Security professionals use both security strategies to protect against vulnerabilities.
  • The CompTIA PenTest+ helps you think like a hacker and prepares you as a penetration tester, eventually helping the organizations to find vulnerabilities in their security systems.
  • The exam provides the platform for penetration testers to undertake penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and vulnerability management on the targeted system(s).
  • Gain confidence that the exam you take is intended by seasoned subject specialists in penetration testing and ethical hacking.
  • Some of the corresponding jobs profiles linked to the certification are Penetration tester, Network security operations, Security analyst (II), Vulnerability tester Auditor, Vulnerability assessment, Application security vulnerability.
  • The exam also includes management skills for planning, scope, management, and manipulation of weaknesses.
  • Being a PenTest+ certified expert, you will be able to carry out penetration testing in different IT environments such as desktops, mobile, cloud, and server.
  • The CompTIA PenTest+ PT0-001 exam is comprised of 85 multiple choice and performance-based, 165 minutes long, a passing score of 750 (on a scale of 100-900).
  • The certification is an industry approved by ANSI ANSI/IEC/ISO 17024, a renowned accreditation body.

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