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In What Ways LPIC-2 Certification Will Benefit You

LPI certifications are recognized industry-wide as an excellent way to prove Linux skills. LPI certification is the most assured way to expand industry-relevant knowledge, skills, and certification. LPIC-2 is the second certification in LPI’s multi-level professional certification track. The LPIC-2 will confirm the applicant’s skill to manage small to medium-sized mixed networks.

What is LPIC-2: Linux Network Professional Certification?

LPIC-2 certification comprised two exams:

  1. 201-450: Linux Engineer – 201 (LPIC-2 201)
  2. 202-450: Linux Engineer – 202 (LPIC-2 202)

The LPIC-2 certification exams confirm one’s skills to manage small to medium-sized mixed networks. To obtain your LPIC-2 certification, you must have an active LPIC-1 certification, but the exams may be taken in any order.

Who Should Obtain LPIC-2 Certification?

LPIC-2 certification is for a Linux professional with some experience who wants to build on ones prevailing knowledge and experience of the Linux and Unix world.

Tested Methods to Prepare for LPIC-2 Certification Exam

Thorough preparation for the LPI exam is necessary if you want to succeed with a good score. Earning an LPI Certification is not an easy job; it requires many hours of zealous study and ambition, along with self-restraint and great time-management skills on the part of the candidate. One of the most helpful methods to get ready for exam LPIC-2 is to take advantage of practice tests.

A good practice test from a reliable and trusted platform can provide you with valuable knowledge for the real exam and complete knowledge of what to expect in the prospective exams. That is why LPIC-2 practice exams are the most preferred by applicants throughout the world.

Skills Acquired by LPI Certification

  • Expertise to carry out advanced system administration, involving everyday tasks concerning the system startup, Linux kernel, and maintenance;
  • Implement advanced management of block storage and file systems along with advanced networking and authentication and system security, comprising firewall and VPN;
  • install and configure basic network services, including DHCP, DNS, SSH, Web servers, file servers utilizing FTP, NFS and Samba, email delivery; and
  • Oversee assistants and recommend management on automation and investments.

However, all the effort that goes into earning a PLIC-2 certification is worth it because of the following career benefits this certification brings.

How LPIC-2 Certification Will Benefit You

  • It brings to light to your profile and improves your professional integration.
  • It assists you in moving forward in the promising career field of system administration.
  • It equips you with the skills for applying throughout the world due to global demand for Linux certified professionals.
  • As reported by several industry studies, the LPI certified applicants are given priority by the hiring managers for employment and promotion, over their non-certified candidates.
  • It results in an apparent increase in your salary and higher acknowledgment within your organization.
  • It makes you a part of the elite Linux community around the world.

There are many other well-rounded benefits offered by an LPIC-2 certification, besides those discussed above.

Enhance Your Career with LPI Certifications

Job Profiles after LPI Certification

  • Linux System Administrator
  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Support Engineer

These days a lot of organizations are using open source solutions. In the present competitive scenario, a certification from LPI can land you with a median entry-level salary of $47,000 per year and rise up to $169,240 per year for higher positions like Principal Software Engineer!


With the increase in the demand for Linux certified professionals, there are certainly ample career opportunities that professionals can get in this area of IT with passing LPIC-2 certification exams.

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