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Go This Way to ISC2 CAP Exam with Practice Tests

Are you seeking to propel your career in information security and risk management? Distinguish yourself from employers and clients? The ISC2 CAP certification helps professionals confirm their expertise and skill in authorizing and maintaining information systems within the RMF. It confirms that you know how to authorize methods to evaluate risk and establish security documentation.

The core objective of RMF is to enhance the information security and risk management process. CAP certified professionals are believed to be experts in RMF with the capacity to structure the methods for risk assessment and set up security documentation.

Important Aspects of ISC2 CAP Certification:

  • As many as 140,000 CAP certified professionals
  • Evolved and Approved by US Department of Defense (DoD)
  • The only certification under DoD8570 command that lines up with RMF steps

ISC2 CAP Certification Exam Details:

ISC2 CAP is a 3-hour exam comprising of a maximum of 125 questions. The test will cost you $599. Here is a brief outline of the exam content:

ISC2 CAP Certification Exam Domains

  • Information Security Risk Management Program (15%)
  • Categorization of Information Systems (IS) (13%)
  • Selection of Security Controls (13%)
  • Implementation of Security Controls (15%)
  • Assessment of Security Controls (14%)
  • Authorization of Information Systems (IS) (14%)
  • Continuous Monitoring (16%)

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Prerequisite for ISC2 CAP Exam:

The applicants interested in CAP must have at least two years of cumulative work experience in one or more of the above-mentioned CAP domains. Applicants with no prior work experience can also take the CAP exam. In the latter case, the successful applicants are designated as Associate of (ISC)2 and given three years of time to obtain the experience required to earn the CAP certification.

Who Should Earn ISC2 CAP Certification?

CAP is an ideal certification for individuals working in Information Technology (IT), Information Security (IS), and Information Assurance (IA) fields. CAP holders can obtain or work on the following leading positions in the organizations.

  • IS Manager
  • IS specialist
  • IT Auditor
  • IT Manager
  • Cyber-security analyst
  • Cyber-security engineer

How to Pass ISC2 CAP Certification Exam on the First Try?

ISC2 exams, usually, are known to be tricky and challenging. So you need to prepare thoroughly if you want to obtain a good score.

You can find several resources that will aid in your exam preparation like:


Many videos on YouTube are related to the CAP certification exam. Few of them are instructional videos that will help you learn exam objectives. Some of them will have tips and tricks to ace the exam. And some of them are uploaded by applicants who have passed the exam and are exchanging their experiences. All such kinds of videos are helpful in one or another way. So be sure to watch them while preparing for the exam.

ISC2 CAP Study Guide

The CAP study guide includes much more accurate descriptions of the exam syllabus topics. Experienced professionals in the field write there, and studying from them will help you learn concepts. But if you’re a lazy student, then watching videos can be much more useful.

Online Forums and Communities

Online communities and forums are an excellent way to share resources and interact with people who have similar interests. You can find forums dedicated to the ISC2 CAP certification exam on the internet.

ISC2 CAP Practice Tests

Practice tests are very prevalent these days. To such an extent that when you type “ISC2 CAP exam” in the search bar, you’ll end up getting a list of practice tests as your search result. They have become famous since they are beneficial, but you also need to be conscious of the fraus sites. Performing practice tests will make you more familiar with the exam questions and format. You can quickly gauge your level of knowledge of any topic and identify the areas you require to study further before you take the actual ISC2 CAP exam.

Irrespective of how many resources you have at your disposal, it would be useless if you can’t take advantage of them well. To make the best use of them, you require to work in line with a study schedule. Here’s how you can design your study plan:

  • Establish your goal
  • Note down the topics you need to study
  • Figure out what you expected to do for each topic
  • Determine priorities of your list
  • Designate time slots for exam preparation
  • Complete the time slots


The tips mentioned above can have a significant impact on your preparation process and, ultimately, on your exam success. Follow these steps and go your way to ace the CAP certification exam. ISC2 certifications are acknowledged and recognized by employers all over the world. So, become certified and relish brilliant career opportunities!

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