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Taking an Exam For Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Exam: Enhance Your Career With These Top Tips!

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is the most extensive certification for network security professionals. This internationally acknowledged certification confirms the applied knowledge of the network administrators, auditors, and professionals from a security point of view. As this certification is vendor-neutral, it includes a broad range of network-security conceptions.

You can obtain the certification by passing the CEH exam. Before appearing for the exam, it is recommended to go through the essential training. The following are a few tips for EC-Council CEH exam success.

Tips to Ace CEH Certification Exam

Have a Practical Study Plan

The first thing you require to do is to plan on when and how to study. It is essential to have a plan in place to be on schedule with your topic coverage. Taking a break of 20-50 minutes is more helpful than studying at the right time. Like any other IT certification exam, you will need to include enough ground before you sit for the exam. It is probable that you also have other obligations every single day. Committing your time to study will thus be important if you want to achieve all your goals without assigning a certain time of your routine life.

Figure Out the Significant Topics

The next thing you need to do is to perceive the objectives that are included in the exam. Many topics fall into the CEH exam objectives. In a wider sense, you will study about network security and also threats. Under these comprehensive areas, you will also study security controls, types of threats, social engineering, etc. You must identify all the topics that you require to prepare thoroughly and also split them into distinct points. Doing this will help you to incorporate work faster.

Study with Real-Life Situations

To pass the exam with a flying score, you need to know how the core subjects are applied in the real world. While the most significant part of the study involves reading information on books, you need to try some of the things you study to gain a full perspective. You should not study everything cornering to cybersecurity, although. Some problems such as trying VPN for torrenting are reasonably secure and valid to study, but most problems that concern to hacking are not allowed without permission.

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A Step by Step Guide to EC-Council CEH Certification

Register for the Exam Well In Advance

Just like with most other certifications, studying for the CEH exam requires a lot of preparation on the side of the candidates. The processes that take on for the exam preparation can be time-taking, and you need to register for the exam well in advance. It would help if you made the required payments soon and also verify your eligibility on time. On the basis of whether you go for the official training, there might be some diverse requirements from the EC-Council. You should present early so that you can be acquainted with these requirements and satisfy them on time.


Another vital matter that you should take into account is practicing for the exam with relevant study materials. You can find many CEH study guides and exam blueprints, which not only give you a brief framework of the exam, but they also allow you to understand how the exam is offered. Such resources can also help you perceive the kind of topics that are frequently included in the exam. You will also learn about the certain percentages of questions aimed at each objective. After studying such resources, you will notice yourself better prepared for the exam.

Familiarize Yourself With the Exam

Aside from looking for study resources, you can also obtain the information that is regularly provided to candidates by the EC-Council. Such information can be obtained by the official CEH official website. The resources provided directly by the EC-Council are much more authentic, and they normally comprise the question structure, objectives, and official training providers. The eligibility criteria of the exam will also be given in the official information, and information about the designated time for the exam will be shared.

Measure your Learning with CEH Practice Exam

One of the best means to evaluate the knowledge you have obtained is by taking the CEH practice exam. This will give you a conception of your preparation and also point out the topics where you are struggling so that you emphasize on these difficult topics. The best time to perform the CEH practice exam would be after you have studied the whole syllabus as answering the CEH exam questions too much early would not give you an idea of your preparation.

Join an Online Community

Finally, it is essential to interact with fellow applicants. There are many active online communities where you can communicate with applicants, experts, and general participants to share information about their experiences. By sharing information with others, you can learn about real approaches that have been employed to achieve success. Also, the association that you obtain from fellow candidates will give you confidence as you go into the exam.

Bonus Tips To Crack CEH Examination


The CEH exam can be tough and challenging for anyone. These navie tips may not be magic, but if you follow them, you can certainly plan your preparation and make the best of yourself. Good luck with the exam, and don’t forget to Try Harder.

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