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Good Reasons to Become a C# Expert with Microsoft 70-483 Certification

If developing websites, mobile apps, and video games are your areas of interest, then you have come to the right place. This is the perfect article to fit your interests. Microsoft offers the certification, specifically designed for those professionals who want to acquire skills in creating these programs. This is possible if you learn the present day’s most commonly used language for programming. This is the C# language that you require to know. This brings up the Microsoft 70-483: Programming in C# exam. The exam preparation process exposes you to fundamental programming concepts and how to use the language in writing programs. Passing this certification exam allows you to earn MCSA: Web Applications. It is intended for IT professionals who want to be efficient web administrators and developers. This article intends to help you thoroughly understand this Microsoft exam. You’ll also find out why this Microsoft certification is so popular. Before that, let’s have a brief look at Microsoft certifications.

Microsoft Certifications

There is four certification path you can follow in Microsoft certification track. They are MTA, MCSA, MCSE, and MCSD. It has been the trend for many years, though this is now evolving. Some of the earlier certificates and exams have been retired and replaced by new ones. The recently introduced certifications have been created around particular job roles. They are focused on tasks, like a developer, administrator, solutions architect, and financial consultant. There has also been a launch of three distinct levels, comprising Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. However, the applicants can still prepare for the Microsoft 70-483 exam and pass it.

Essential Information About Microsoft 70-483 Exam

The Microsoft exams usually consisting of 40-60 questions, Programming in C# 70-483 is no exclusion. The questions come in different types. They may involve multiple-choice, drag, and drop, active screen, screen review, hot area, fill-in-the-blank, case studies, etc. Once you finish your C# exam questions, you’ll come to know how well you’ve done barely right away. All the 70-483 questions should be answered within 2 hours. The available languages are English Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, French, German, and Portuguese. Before taking this certification exam, you must register at Pearson VUE. The exam fee is $165.

The 70-483 exam is one of the two required exams to obtain the MCSA: Web Applications certification. It’s focused on the web developers who have one-year experience developing programming vital enterprise logic for diverse application types, software, and hardware while using C#.

Good Reasons to Become a C# Expert with Microsoft 70-483 Certification

Every present developer realizes the significance of learning C# as a programming language. It’s the most commonly used language adopted by developers throughout the world. This is because it’s paving a road to more opportunities in the IT industry of website and mobile app development. There are a few reasons why the Microsoft 70-483 exam is so desired:

Excellent Developer Skills

App and website development are IT areas that have rapid growth over the years. This means they are in high demand for professionals who own these skills. C# is an excellent way to strengthen your web and app developer skills and become a part of the ever-evolving IT field. You must become an expert in the following tasks:

  • Debugging apps and implementing security
  • Implementation of data access
  • IT Market Demand
  • Running a program flow
  • Creating types

C# as a programming language is favored by professionals and employers. This is because it can create a variety of programs, comprising websites, enterprise software, game development, and mobile development. The organizations have always credited their web or software development projects to the experts skilled in C# programming. Hence, being one of them, you will have many career possibilities.


The app development industry is pretty broad. If you have C# programming skills, you can efficiently work as an independent entrepreneur. You can offer your services to the organizations and businesses that require them. This gives you the versatility to work wherever you want without tying yourself to a certain employer. This helps you advance your career.

Enhanced Remunerations with Microsoft 70-483 Certification

The professionals prefer pursuing C# programming-related skills because of the financial benefits that come along this proficiency. This is one of the features making the Microsoft 70-483 exam so popular nowadays. Pay scales for web developers, software developers, and application developers can draw up to $120,198 per year. This is per information available on Indeed. Hence, you have the proper motivation.

Competence to Advance to Higher Qualifications

You don’t have to stop at directing only C# programming skills. Once you have passed the 70-483 exam, you have obtained your MCSA certification. After that, you can move a step above by getting more high-level skills. You can do this by taking one more exam that allows you to get the MCSD: App Builder certification. With this Microsoft exam, there’s always more space to further develop your competence and qualify for even better opportunities. This possibility is what has admired many professionals for opting for this Microsoft exam.

Preparation Tips for Microsoft 70-483 Exam

The successful exam preparation process comprises the utilization of study materials thoroughly chosen to fit your study requirements. The Microsoft 70-483 certification exam expects you to avail from the following resources:

  • Instructor-led courses.
  • Self-paced training such as the ones available on the official Microsoft website.
  • Exam Ref 70-483: Programming in C# Study Guide.
  • The C# Programmer’s Study Guide.
  • Microsoft Programming in C# 70-483 Practice Tests to help you evaluate your exam preparation.


It’s wise to be ready when opportunities emerge. The Microsoft 70-483 exam guarantees that you’re studied to give the C# developer solutions to businesses that require them. As the app development industry expands, you must also strengthen your skills. This is the only way you can stay relevant in the ever-evolving world of technology. Make sure you’re good at your particular developer role by taking and passing this renowned Microsoft certification examination. Grab the Opportunity! Good luck!

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