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What Does an AVIXA CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) Expected to Do?

What is AVIXA CTS Certification?

The AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification program is recognized globally as the prime professional AV specialist certification. It is a recognition program for attaining a basic level of audiovisual technical expertise.

A Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) carries out standard technology solution functions by generating, providing, operating, and servicing network-based AV solutions while performing AV management work that delivers for the best audiovisual resolutions of the client’s requirements, both on time and within resources.

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An AVIXA CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) must have a deep understanding of communication systems like audio, video, and display systems.

Are AVIXA Certifications Worth It?

It may come as no wonder that recruiting managers; experience conquers most anything. If you’re not yet working on typical AV projects, you should think of acquiring continued education in the form of AVIXA certifications.

Many organizations will certainly pay for training. But, what if you are not presently employed or escalating the ranks at a coordinator?

Benefits of AVIXA CTS Certification

Passing the AVIXA CTS exam may fetch many benefits to chief executives, meeting planners, and producers. For instance, it allows you to evaluate AV providers using an open, tested, a definite set of industry criteria and acquire evidence of your AV partner’s technical skill, experience, proficiency, and dedication to excellence. You’ll know you’re hiring professionals who possess high standards of integrity and conduct.

The hiring and retaining of competent staff with substantial expertise is difficult for many AV production organizations. The AV companies that stand the test of time select the best skill in the industry by formulating career paths and providing each employee the training they require to outshine, along with generous improvement opportunities. These organizations also expect their employees to follow industry best practices, and they don’t leave it up to opportunity. Through personalized training programs, they give team members possibilities to create extensive on-the-ground show experience.

An AV company’s new employee onboarding process, for example, should include entry-level CTS certification-based coursework. Furthermore, the CTS certification is so worthwhile that perceptive AV organizations will pay for team members’ CTS exam fees and resources.

Roles and Responsibilities of Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)

A Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) must know communication systems such as audio, video, and display systems.

This position is accountable for installing, supervising, and uninstalling AV equipment. They give on-site installation, support, and troubleshoot any problems that may occur. The CTS perfects the computer equipment and peripherals and gives minor repair and maintenance services whenever a necessity arises.

Certified Technology Specialist will deal with the logistics of setting up and deployment of computers. The AVIXA CTS provides technical assistance to install or remove programs as per support instructions. The CTS has to guarantee that the computers are in appropriate working condition. It is the responsibility of the CTS to give audio-visual resolutions to any corresponding technical problems.

Job Description for AVIXA CTS (Certified Technology Specialist)

This job entails providing technical audio-visual support. The Specialist needs to set up, solve, and control multimedia equipment. They must ensure decent connectivity of network, tools, and computers to the AV system for performance. The CTS manages audio and video recording devices and is to resolve any issues errors that may happen. The professionals must program the utilization of facilities, tools, materials, and other services. They need to give individual training on the operation of tools and their methods. The CTS is responsible for analyzing technical requirements, constraints, and resources.

The CTS should take a perceptive interest in the operation of the devices, devices, and systems. It is their duty to tape and arranges all loose wire and cable. They must deal with any damaged equipment and label it, to make it simple for other workers. The Specialist should repair or clean the equipment if the demand emerges. They are completely responsible for the operation and maintenance of the audiovisual equipment.

The responsibilities involve supporting and leading anyone concerning correct usage and operation of AV equipment, up-selling various AV services, and tracking equipment operation at appropriate periods. They will break-down, eliminate, and protect the equipment. The CTS must execute an effective role in suitable security, storage, transportation, and tools maintenance. Certified Technology Specialists need to complete inventory and forecasting of equipment needs. The technicians must regularly examine the operation of all built-in AV systems. They should execute and manage the entire AV network.


As reported by the PayScale, on an average Certified Technology Specialist salary is $61K annually in the United States. According to indeed, the Certified Technology Specialist salary varies from approximately $43,506 per year for Technical Support to $66,666 per year for Information Technology Specialist.

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