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300-425, ENWLSD Certification: Study Guide & Career Benefits

What are the tools to pass the Cisco 300-425, ENWLSD Exam? The basic tools to ace the exam are undoubtedly the syllabus, 300-425 study guide, practice test. Before jumping to the study plan, let’s take a look at the 300-425 exam.

What Is Cisco 300-425, ENWLSD Certification?

The 300-425 or the Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD) v1.0 certification empowers the candidate with the knowledge they need to design Cisco wireless networks. The certification covers design specialties from scenario design concepts through the installation and post-deployment validation phases.

This 300-425 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of wireless network design, including WLAN high availability, site surveys, wired and wireless infrastructure, and mobility.

Who Is the Most Suitable Candidate for the Cisco 300-425 Exam?

This 300-425 exam is for wireless engineers who work in the following roles:

  • Systems engineer
  • Technical solutions architect
  • Network manager
  • Consulting systems engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Sales engineer
  • Wireless design engineer
  • Wireless engineer

Details of the Certification:

The 90 minutes long 300-425 exam asks 55-65 questions. A candidate can expect multiple-choice questions mostly, but scenario-based questions are also present in the exam. A candidate needs to get 750-850 marks depending on the question number to pass the exam.

Objectives of the 300-425 Certification-

After taking the Cisco 300-425 exam, a candidate would be able to-

  • Describe and implement network validation processes
  • Describe and implement site survey processes
  • Describe and implement the wireless design process
  • Describe and implement a Cisco-recommended structured design methodology
  • Describe and implement industry standards, amendments, certifications, and Requests For Comments (RFCs)
  • Describe and implement Cisco enhanced wireless features
  • Describe and implement specific vertical designs

What Are the Available Resources for Preparation?

Read from 300-425 Exam Books:

When it comes to preparation, a candidate must rely highly on Cisco Press’s book for the ENWLSD exam. Completing the syllabus from cover to cover would give you the power to attempt all exam questions. Revising syllabus topics multiple times will give you insights about your weakness and strength.

Cisco Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSD) v1.0 Training Helps A Lot:

A candidate can take instructor-led training or classroom training or take the e-learning approach. During training, a candidate gets the chance to learn from experts. The training is covered mostly within 5 days period.

Online Sample Questions Are Beneficial:

Many websites offer 300-425 sample questions. 300-425 sample questions can help a candidate to know more about the possible questions.

Assessment through Online Practice Is Important:

Taking an online 300-425 practice test is the last step of preparation. Online practice tests are one of the most valuable resources. These 300-425 practice tests are normally designed by experts and provide great insights to conquer the exam. Through regular practice, a candidate may know about his weaknesses and work on those areas.

What Are the Career Benefits?

Job availability is high after the 300-425 Certification:

The CCNP 300-425 certification qualifies as a candidate for different job roles. Being a CCNP Enterprise certification holder is proof of the skills regarding areas covered in the ENWLSD exam. The skills, in turn, proves to be a good job opportunity bringer.

Salary Potential Is High after ENWLSD Certification:

Getting a CCNP ENWLSD, certification will qualify a candidate for an array of employment possibilities and the chance to earn a higher salary. According to Cisco’s research, individuals that are CCNP 300-425, certified are earning at least ten percent more than those employed at the same designation, but without the certification.

Your Skills Are Recognized through 300-425 Certification:

Getting the CCNP 300-425 certification is a way to have your advanced knowledge and skills in wireless networking. Getting certified from a reputable organization like Cisco assures that you will be recognized as a person and your skills and training will be highly valued.

300-425 Acts as A Technology Update:

To make your place in the job market, you need to always be competitive. CCNP enterprise is one step ahead from CCNA, which proves your upgraded knowledge with technology.

You Make Your Resume Attractive:

Your resume expresses volumes about your education, skills, and work experience. Once you present a CCNP ENWLSD certification on the resume, you can expect the potential employers to believe that you are the kind of person who will carry on with the organization and will be a gem for the company.

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Final Words:

A CCNP 300-425 certification can work as a confidence and morale builder. As rejected to being afraid of applying for the job due to less education, you build up confidence in knowing that you have a top-notch certification from a constantly growing industry.

Apart from helping you find an excellent job in computer networking, earning a CCNP ENWLSD certification puts you on the top of the list when it is time for promotions and career enhancements. In case a candidate wants to switch the company, the certification will help you obtain a better job without starting from entry-level and working your way up gradually.

CCNP certifications make a candidate eligible for positions that have high growth expected in the coming years. The 300-425 is one of the certifications to boost your career.

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