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Certain Success with Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam – Tips To Pass

Oracle 1Z0-060 exam is for applicants having knowledge of Configuring and Creating CDBs and PDBs, Auditing, Resource Manager and Other Performance Enhancements, Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Enhancements, and Basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB).

Applicants for the Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c (1Z0-060) certification exam are professional for 11g OCP DBAs exam are IT professionals who want the reap the benefits of an Oracle Database re-engineered for Cloud computing.

Reasons to Get 1Z0-060, Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Certification

Obtaining the professional Oracle 12c certification comes with several benefits. Holding the most significant skills enables you to advance your career and receive a promotion. The career promotion is intimately drawn a pay hike. Additionally, you will be remunerated great for your expertise.

Along with financial perks, you become a worthy employee, able to perform the tasks efficiently and on time. It is also essential to keep in mind that the need for Oracle 12c certified professionals is soaring. Therefore, achieving this Oracle certification can get you a new job and the right to decide the company that attracts you most. Some of the organizations you can work for with the certification from Oracle include Amazon.com Inc., International Business Machines (IBM) Corp., and Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, among many others.

Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam Details

 The 1Z0-060, Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c exam comprises 80 multiple-choice questions split into two sections. The passing scores are 64% and 65% for sections one and two, respectively. These questions must be answered within 120 minutes. The 1Z0-060 exam cost is $245.

The exam is meant to evaluate one’s skills in deploying the aspects of the Oracle Database 12c. To get the complete list of topics covered in the Oracle 1Z0-060 exam, Click here.

Quick Tips for Oracle 1Z0-060 Exam Preparation

The Oracle 1Z0-061 exam is a tough IT certification examination. For you to crack it, you are expected to work hard and smart throughout your preparation. To have a guaranteed success in the exam at the very first attempt and that too, with a good score, you should follow the tips given below. So, without wasting much time, let’s check out the tips for exam prep.

1. Get the Right Study Material

When it comes to preparing for the Oracle certification exam, there are many resources at your disposal. These incorporate books, classroom training, on-demand online courses, and 1Z0-060 practice tests. You will also find out about various sites offering quality study materials that can help you to study properly for your exams. Though these materials can be expensive and depending on your budget, it is essential to obtain the right mix of resources that are not only affordable but also reliable.

2. Prepare

Once you have gathered all your study resources, make a decision on how you want to begin your studies for the Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c exam. If you aspire to do self-study, begin preparation well in advance. If you enroll in instructor-led training, make sure you can take out time for that as needed and attend all the lectures. Besides, along with theoretical knowledge, you need to have practical experience as well.

3. Take 1Z0-060 Practice Tests

After going through the exam topics and the study materials that explain it in-depth, the next thing is to take practice tests and asses your learning. It is advised that the applicants take sufficient mock tests to get ready to ace the actual exam. Taking practice tests makes you familiar with the exam environment and upgrade your test-taking skills.


The success in the Oracle 1Z0-060 exam works as a benchmark of knowledge and expertise in the Oracle Database 12c domain that helps applicants stand out from the group. You can take recommended training, 1Z0-060 practice tests, and skills to crack this exam. The 1Z0-060 exam questions will measure your ability or value that you have obtained during your career or experience.

The exam is essential to assess your skills, but some exams assess those skills that are essential in today’s world, and where there is an exam, there must be some challenges also. With the right strategy and intense preparation, you can expect to get success in this exam. Start developing your preparation strategy today, and earn your certification.

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