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Best Strategies to Excel in your LPI Certification Exam LPIC-3 304

The LPIC-3 certification concludes the multi-level professional certification program of the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). LPIC-3 304 – Linux Enterprise Professional Virtualization and High Availability is designed for the enterprise-level Linux professional and corresponds the utmost level of professional, distribution-neutral Linux certification throughout the industry. Three distinct LPIC-3 specialty certifications are available. Passing any one of the three exams will offer you the LPIC-3 certification for that specialization.

The LPIC-3 Enterprise Virtualization and High Availability certification include the administration of Linux systems enterprise-wide, highlighting Virtualization & High Availability.

Prerequisites: The applicant must have a valid LPIC-2 certification to be eligible for LPIC-3 certification exam, but the LPIC-2 and LPIC-3 exams may be taken in random order.

6 Useful Techniques for LPIC-3 304-200 Certification Exam Preparation

LPIC-3 304-200 certification exam demands in-depth knowledge of Virtualization concepts. Thus, it confirms your skills and demonstrates that you are a proficient and have more skills than non-certified professionals. Here, we have compiled few tips that will help you to pass the LPIC-3 Virtualization and High Availability exam with ease. In this article, we have tried to simplify the preparation process for you. These preparation tips will help you to study and pass the LPIC-3 304 exam.

1. Design a Study Schedule

One of the basic steps to study for the LPIC-3 304 certification exam is to perceive where to focus your energies. You should understand the certification exam’s objectives and find your strengths and shortcomings related to the concepts, skills, knowledge areas, and technologies to be evaluated. Design a study schedule to prepare for the exam while incorporating all the exam syllabus topics.

2. Begin the Preparation Well in Advance

You should begin the preparation at least two to three months before the exam to not feel rushed. Begin step by step, and then get yourself up to the complete preparation mode. Review the expected range of study material for the LPIC-3 304 exam. Once you know what the exam will cover, review the documents to include the objectives.

3. Obtain LPIC-3 304 Study Guide

To study all the exam topics thoroughly, you must obtain the LPIC-3 304 Study Guide. Books and guides help the applicant to understand the LPIC-3 Exam: 304 – Linux Enterprise Professional Virtualization and High Availability comprehensively. This is one of the most essential steps in the preparation journey.

4. Go Through the Available Online Material

There is a lot of study material available online for the preparation of this LPI certification exam. You can download multiple e-books that are available freely. Also, you can look for the LPIC-3 304 online courses. Many online video courses are available online. You can refer to them to include exam syllabus. You can also try to take up some practice tests. With LPIC-3 304 practice exams, you will have an idea of the exam structure. It will also help you to boost your speed while answering the certification exam questions.

5. Assess Your Preparation Level with LPIC-3 304 Practice Tests

You should study for your exam by evaluating yourself everyday. If there is some concepts that you do not understand, you must go and find out the answer. This will give you an idea of what to expect when you are ready to take your certification exam. It makes you foresee your weaknesses and strengths to work on your weak areas to get thoroughly prepared. You can take some online LPIC-3 304 practice tests to gauge your preparation level.

6. Write Short Notes

It is helpful if you prepare a set of notes throughout your preparation. You can write the key points and commands that you think are crucial from the exam’s point of view. You will be able to remember the information, and also, you can read out these notes at the time of the revision. So, at that time, these notes will benefit you to impart everything back to the memory that you have read.


The LPIC-3 304 certification exams can be a little difficult, but if you follow these tips and use them to study, you will pass 304-200 LPI Virtualization and High Availability exam with flying scores. The best thing to do throughout your preparation is to set a goal that you want to accomplish. This will motivate you to achieve what may seem to you an impossible goal. Keep your eyes on it and you will manage to garner the excellent score.

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