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Taking the Microsoft MS-700 Exam: Enjoy Your Triumph by Using Reliable Practice Tests

The world is developing fast, and if you want to be successful, you have to keep pace with developments happening in the industry. One of the best means to do just that is by achieving a Microsoft MS-700 certification. A certification helps you determine your credibility, confirm your skills, learn the latest techs, and achieving considerably more benefits.

The one certification that pokes out most among other Microsoft certifications is Microsoft 365. Microsoft has offered us numerous advanced technologies to utilize in business or other organizations. Despite that, where there is a technology requirement, the demand for an expert to deal with that technology also prevails. As in this case, the market requires professionals with unique skills who can execute the task at their best to attain the organization’s role. Microsoft 365 Managing Microsoft Teams helps you with that intention. Let’s find what more you would be competent of embarking on this path.

Find Out How Microsoft Certification Can Boost Your Career

Microsoft is a prestigious vendor for offering IT certifications, and its certifications are universally accepted or favored in many leading organizations. Without a doubt, this means a lot of competition, but Microsoft has kept their standards for so long that handling Microsoft Teams’ toughness is unavoidable but is not totally impossible to handle. There are study resources and tricks which can help you pass the exam in one try even.


So, Microsoft 365 is for professionals who are keen to make it to the top, acquire advanced skills, obtain knowledge that exceeds others, have excellent job opportunities, and have a bright future. Microsoft certification here can make it all. And if you are one of the people we just stated and require all the benefits as mentioned above in your career, you must obtain Microsoft certification to stay relevant. Earning Microsoft certification helps you accomplish all your goals.

Details about Managing Microsoft Teams MS-700 Exam

Microsoft MS-700 exam is 120 minutes long, and the applicants have to answer about 40-60 questions. This Microsoft exam gauges the skills that are closely linked to the following domains:

  • Plan and configure a Microsoft Teams environment (45-50%)
  • Manage chat, calling, and meetings (30-35%)
  • Manage Teams and app policies (20-25%)

The percentages after each topic area denote the weight of the questions that can be anticipated. The applicants must prepare adequately for this and take advantage of all those tools to help them throughout their preparation period.

Preparation Tools for Microsoft MS-700 Exam

Passing MS-700 exams could be difficult, especially when an applicant does not learn to form the appropriate tools during the preparation. The selection of tools varies among applicants based on preferences, but usually, the ones listed below are the most broadly preferred and powerful:


Books are helpful when one wants to have a complete understanding of the topics assessed in an exam. They also allow applicants to study at their own speed and while following their schedule. Applicants taking the Microsoft MS-700 exam can obtain relevant books from the Microsoft Press store or Amazon. The ideal books for preparation include Managing Microsoft Teams: MS-700 Exam Guide: Configure and manage Microsoft Teams workloads and achieve Microsoft 365 certification with ease; by Peter Rising.

Join in a Study Groups or Community Forums

Studying at your own speed is the best way, but communicating with your co-workers or friends is also effective. This will help you much when learning difficult topics that may be checked in the exam. Another way is by participating in the community forum on the Microsoft website. This forum brings together the test-takers along with industry professionals. There you can learn many valuable tips and find additional motivation while communicating with your colleagues.

Online Training

Applicants who prefer to be guided through a training course for exam Microsoft MS-700 are also included. Microsoft provides Instructor-led training for MS-700 exam preparation. The training usually runs for four days, during which the applicants have the opportunity to interact with their trainers and receive valuable exam penetrations.

MS-700 Practice Test

Practice tests are the best preparation tools for any IT certification exam. Many applicants prefer using them since they are helpful when the time of study is confined. However, the quest is in finding the best platform for MS-700 practice tests. There are many sources online which pretend to offer reliable materials, but they may not be updated. So be very careful while choosing the platform to take up the practice test for this exam.


In order to get through the exam, you need to be thorough with your preparations. Practice tests are an excellent way to prepare yourself for the exam, as they provide you with a feeling of taking the actual exam. Get the most updated study materials and enjoy your certification journey while passing MS-700 exam.

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