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AnalyticsExam.com Review: Best Practice Test for Qlik Sense QSSA2019 Certification

AnalyticsExam.com received the review of their QSSA2019 materials from a successful candidate named Sandra. She landed on AnalyticsExam.com through a google search and took the free mock exams there. Later she enrolled for the QSSA2019 premium practice test, and gradual practice leads her to the Qlik Sense System Administrator certification. She had previous experience working in the Microsoft windows server-based administration profile. Let’s take a look at Sandra’s preparation strategy and her experience with AnalyticsExam.com.

What Is the Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification?

The QSSA2019 or the Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Exam measures a candidate’s ability to identify demands for environments, install and set up Qlik Sense Enterprise, monitor and troubleshoot and manage environments. The QSSA2019 exam has 50 multiple-choice questions to answer in 2 hours.

Qlik Sense is one of the most powerful, intuitive, and user-friendly business intelligence tools on the market. It’s a self-service data visualization and discovery application that allows anyone in the organization to create visualizations, explore data more deeply, reveal connections and identify new opportunities.

Prerequisites to Take the QSSA2019 Exam:

A candidate should have one of the following qualities to appear for the QSSA2019 exam-

  • They must have at least 6 months of experience as an administrator of a Microsoft Windows Server-based environment.
  • They must have knowledge working with Qlik Sense sites and the Qlik Management Console, to offer data and application governance, library maintenance, as well as user and application security.
  • Explore managing the policies and options that run the Qlik Sense apps and servers.
  • Experience creating rules and managing the visualization streams
  • Knowledge of networking and Active Directory configuration, proxies, intermediate web servers, load balancers, etc.
  • The eligible candidate should be familiar with Windows tools and logs created (e.g., Event Viewer, Services Console, DCOM Console, Windows Registry).
  • Experience using NSLookUp, Telnet, Ping, NetStat, Fiddler, and other browser tools to troubleshoot connectivity, interoperability, configuration, performance, etc.

What Was Sandra’s Strategy to Ace the QSSA2019 Exam?

Sandra gave some overall tips regarding the QSSA2019 exam preparation.

Sandra Depended Highly on the QSSA2019 Training:

The first and foremost aspect of sufficient preparation is highly dependent on the training. The test for the Qlik Sense System Administrator certificate would involve practical hands-on assignments. So, learning from training was a confidence booster for Sandra.

QSSA2019 Exam to Rise & Shine as Qlik Sense System Administrator

Qlik offers different types of training to get started with Qlik Sense. You can take the virtual or in-person instructor-led training. Depending on your work schedule, you can take Qlik Continuous Classroom training too. It is a self-service training portal with regularly updated modules. The training will teach the candidate the basics of using Qlik Sense. The training is basically there to level up your knowledge.

Sandra Recommended to Get Some Hands-on Experience:

Sandra highly recommended the candidates get hands-on experience with Qlik Sense in an enterprise environment before appearing for the certification exam. While developing applications and data models or managing a Qlik Sense site, a candidate will gain valuable skills and knowledge by working through different obstacles. She got some lab training before jumping to the exam hall.

Covering Syllabus from the Core Is an Added Advantage:

There is no need to mention how important is covering the whole syllabus is. If you are planning for an exam, the more grip on the syllabus confirms your success in the exam. Sandra made a topic-wise chart and placed it on her bedroom table. She made sure that she can go through the exam details and topics regularly. She set two-three particular topics for daily study, and most of the time, she accomplished the goals. The correct approach made her cover the entire syllabus within two months.

Use Available Materials:

Qlik offers free practice tests for the Qlik Sense System Administrator exam. Sandra opted for the free materials first, and she also started looking for QSSA2019 sample questions. During her search for additional resources, she landed on AnalyticsExam.com’s sample questions, which she found helpful.

Sandra Attended for Practice Test at AnalyticsExam.com:

As she gained confidence regarding the mock exam and free sample questions at AnalyticsExam.com, she enrolled for the QSSA2019 premium practice exam. She was amazed at the free unlimited attempts for two months and started taking the practice exams at her convenient time. Sandra was quite confident about her preparation, but she realized she still needs to work on some topic areas while taking time-based practice exams. Therefore, she suggested to every candidate to go through the self-assessment process through practice tests.

Bottom Line:

Every certification holds some value for career advancement, which is true for Qlik certifications too. Therefore get inspired by Sandra’s journey and take the QSSA2019 exam if you meet the criteria.

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