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Learning Resources for EC-Council CASE JAVA Exam Preparation

The Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE JAVA) certification is created in partnership with extensive application and software development experts globally.

The CASE certificatione measures the significant security skills and knowledge needed throughout a typical software development life cycle (SDLC), concentrating on the significance of implementing secure methodologies and practices in contemporary insecure operating environment.

About the CASE JAVA Exam

CASE helps application developers and testers to prove their mastery of the knowledge and skills required to manage common application security vulnerabilities.

  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Test Duration: 2 Hours
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Passing score: 70%
  • Availability: EC-Council Exam Portal

Job Opportunities After CASE JAVA Certification

  • Security Engineer
  • Engineer, IT Security
  • Senior Security System Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cyber Engineer
  • IT Security Engineer

Learning Resources to Prepare for EC-Council CASE Java Exam

CASE Java exam allows you to make a more creative approach towards your career path. While studying for the exam, it is vital to be dedicated and give your best shot in the actual exam. The proper preparation path will help you to pass the CASE Java on the very first try. Use the following preparation guide to pass the EC-Council Application Security Engineer – Java exam.

Learning Resource 1 – EC-Council Learning Platform

To study CASE Java exam concepts in-depth, you must first go through the EC-Council official website and get truthful information about the exam. You can easily spot the CASE Java page, where you go through all the essential information about the exam. From exam structure to all the covered domains and study materials can be found on the webpage itself.

The training course is also available on the EC-Council website itself. In short, every detail about the exam can be placed there for you.

Learning Resources 2 – Instructor-Led Training

Moreover, it is essential to go through the instructor-led training located on the EC-Council website. Now, what’s best in this resource is that you will specifically find the same modules of the new CASE Java exam.

Learning Resource 3 – Study Guides and Online Resources

You can find many study guides and other learning resources for this exam. By studying from books, you can get in-depth knowledge of the exam concepts.

Learning Resource 4 – Online Communities and Study Groups

This remarkable step is not necessary to your preparation yet effective. This step of participating in any study group or forum relies on you. At any point, while studying, you join any study group. But this can always arise in your favor. Online communities and study groups will make sure you are linked to all other people who are also studying for the same exam. You can also ask doubts related to a specific exam topics you are facing difficulty with. Members of such groups can also help you solve your doubts concerning the EC-Council CASE Java exam.

Learning Resource 5 – CASE Java Practice Tests

Ultimately, we’re on the last step for the preparation for the EC-Council CASE Java exam. This final step will give you a distinct insight into where you stand. Are you ready to gauge your learning? Make sure you’re going through practice tests only after you have gone through the complete syllabus. All the sample tests/ mock tests/ practice tests are aimed to meet the natural exam environment around you. After completing practice tests, you can quickly identify the topics you lack and work upon them.

Practice tests can be from various platforms. Keep in mind, the more you examine yourself, the better you’re going to become. So Take up EC-Council CASE Java Practice Test now.


Suppose you’ve aimed to promote your career and are urged to chase your dreams. EC-Council Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – Java certification will be your path to attain your career objectives. Certification Exams like CASE Java will prove that you have the skills needed for the job and demonstrate your dedication to your dreams and aspiration. Certification does influence your profession positively in terms of financial benefits also.

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