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Tips to Prepare and Pass Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and How Using AZ-900 Practice Test Can Assist You

Azure is Microsoft’s rapidly-growing large cloud platform. Microsoft AZ-900 exam is about fundamental concepts of Azure cloud and so a solid start for those who are new in the Azure field.

What is the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam?

Microsoft AZ-900 is not an easy exam to pass, even though it is a basic exam. This exam measures your initial level information of cloud concepts and Azure administrations. People from technical and non-technical can opt for this exam, confirm their Azure Cloud services skills, and equip you with essential skills for higher-level Azure role-based certifications.

For those who already have experience in Azure services, this is an excellent opportunity to confirm your knowledge about fundamental concepts of Azure, comprising different services, pricing, security, administration, and support. Azure services have capabilities like Compute, Storage, Networking, App services, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Integration, Security. Please refer available Azure service in the figure below.

AZ-900: Syllabus and Structure

Microsoft AZ-900 exam syllabus primarily concentrates on basic concepts of cloud-based services concerning Azure. It incorporates core azure services like compute, storage, and networking. This also includes security and privacy services, azure support model, and pricing.

There are generally 40-60 questions, and many of them are in multiple-choice answer form. The duration to accomplish this exam is 60 minutes.

You need to obtain 700 points out of 1000, and the break up of skills evaluated by the module is as below:

  • Describe cloud concepts (20-25%)
  • Describe core Azure services (15-20%)
  • Describe core solutions and management tools on Azure (10-15%)
  • Describe general security and network security features (10-15%)
  • Describe identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features (20-25%)
  • Describe Azure cost management and Service Level Agreements (10-15%)

Preparation Tips to Excel in AZ-900 on Your First Try

1. Begin with Official Training Course

Enrolling in an official training course is the best approach as it will make you familiar with the exam syllabus topics in a better way. Studying from a training course is far better than learning from any source. Moreover, such a training course helps you understand the tough exam topics better.

2. Obtain Relevant Books and Videos

You might perceive that some concepts in the course require further explanation, especially if you are training without guidance. Luckily, there are several books and study guides available on Amazon, as well as a good number of YouTube videos to ease your AZ-900 exam preparation. Pay attention to reviews and ratings when selecting extra study resources to soak up only authentic and updated information.

3. Evaluate Your Learning with AZ-900 Practice Test

AZ-900 practice test is proven as well as an authentic way for preparing for your Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.  They would be helping you out to know the structure of the exam and the best way to answer the AZ-900 exam questions. Not only will the AZ-900 practice test give you a vibe of the actual exam, but will also help you know any potential weak areas which you might require to work on.

4. Join a Study Group

Another way to get through the exam preparation process is to get in touch with others who are also preparing for the AZ-900 exam. You can interact with them in person or if you are not far from each other or meet virtually if one-on-one meetings are impossible.

The best way to have a substantial discussion group is to make sure everyone participates. It is possible that if you find one or two topics hard to remember, somebody else can be good at them and can easily explain them to you.

How does AZ-900 Practice Test Can Help You?

You can sharpen your skills and recognize your preparation level by using supplementary prep material, such as practice tests. They are intended to help you in preparing for the exam. AZ-900 practice test makes you familiar with the structure of the exam. They will assist you in improving your weaknesses to work on them until you get expertise over them. is a reliable platform to perform online practice tests for the Microsoft certification exam. Taking advantage of the AZ-900 practice test will enhance your preparation hugely.

Gauge Your Preparation Level Now!


Once you have mastered all the AZ-900 exam objectives and are confident doing some practice tests perfectly, it’s time to ace the exam. With a keen follow-up on this guide, you’ll get your Microsoft Certified – Azure Fundamentals certification quickly. Microsoft Azure certification will open you up to endless chances and opportunities in the cloud computing field, so why wait? Start your preparation now, and enjoy the AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Certification exam preparation journey.

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