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Cisco 300-735 SAUTO Certification: Career Benefits and Exam Tips

Cisco 300-735 SAUTO: Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions is a concentration exam associated with the DevNet Professional Certification and CCNP Security Certification. This exam equips the applicants with the knowledge of implementing automated Security solutions.

Cisco 300-735 exam’s core objective is to increase the understanding and strengthen the skills of exam takers concerning Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions. After passing Cisco 300-735 exam, the applicant can master the skills of using regular version control operations with git (commit, add, clone, diff, push, branching, and merging conflict), assuring network security, and knowing cloud Web and Email security.

Purpose of the Cisco 300-735 SAUTO Exam:

  • Enhancing the skills for using common version control operations with git.
  • Describing the advantages of Python virtual environments.
  • Convey an incredible opportunity for career development.

Importance of the CCNP Security Certification

With the Cisco CCNP Security certification, a network security professional can prove his knowledge and skills to the organization and relish excellent career growth! Here are some advantages of CCNP Security Certification

1. Hike in Salary

CCNP Security certification has been proved to be the best to get you a desirable salary hike. No organization can ever deny offering you a great salary package if you hold Cisco certification. By passing Cisco 300-735 SAUTO exam, you can get an amazing payscale.

2. Universal Acceptance

Every country in the world thoroughly acknowledges the CCNP Security certification. Networking professionals with CCNP certificates in their CV are more able to negotiate a better pay scale than the earlier one. Nowadays, jobs for CCNP certified professionals in IT are considerable and have excellent prestige in the market. If you have passed the Cisco SAUTO exam successfully, no way anyone can stop you from obtaining big paycheques.

3. Tremendous Respect Among the Peers

Earning the certification of CCNP Security will guarantee that you have a reputation among your peers in your organization. This can help you get a better position in your company.

4. A significant Boost in Career

In the present workplace, the skilled professionals required to keep up with technology developments and advances in their field are amending speedily. And this leads to a lot of worry for professionals concerned about moving slowly.

So, how can professionals retain their skills relevant to this rapidly evolving work culture? The answer is by achieving the appropriate certification. And the CCNP Security certification does the same.

CCNP Security certification equips applicants with distinct skills they require to stay on par in the workforce and to flourish in their careers.

Cisco 300-735 SAUTO Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

Anyone intending to crack the Cisco 300-735 exam and receive the CCNP Security certification to enhance the odds of acquiring the best position in the IT field is recommended to follow the below steps:

1. Enroll in the Training Course Offered By Cisco

If you want to pass the 300-206 exam on your first attempt, you should take the official training course ”Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions (SAUI) v1.0”. It includes all the syllabus topics in a precise and thorough manner. By enrolling in this official training course, you will gain enough knowledge about various features concerning the certification exam. Moreover, it will give some general guidelines that you can follow while studying for the CCNP Security certification exam.

2. Obtain Cisco Study Guide and Books

You can buy the study guides from Cisco Press or Amazon. Make sure you buy the book which covers all the exam syllabus topics in detail. Learning from a study guide will help you study at your own pace and time.

3. Take Cisco 300-735 SAUTO Practice Test

As soon as you complete learning all the exam topics, you can start taking Cisco 300-735 practice tests. This is the best way to see how well-prepared you are. These practice tests will also help you organize your limited time so that you can complete the actual exam on time. Take as many practice tests as possible before taking the exam and become more confident!


Once you ace the CCNP Security 300-735 SAUTO certification exam, you get lots of benefits, beginning with career development and receiving higher salaries. If you want to relish the perks associated with this exam, then sitting for it is worth your time, money, and effort!