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Do Your Homework: 5 CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 Exam Tips

CompTIA Data+ is an entry-level data analytics certification for professionals responsible for developing and carrying out data-driven business decision-making. CompTIA Data Plus DA0-001 exam includes the knowledge and skills needed to convert business requirements in support of data-driven decisions via mining and manipulating data, applying fundamental statistical methods, and analyzing complex datasets while sticking to governance and quality standards throughout the entire data life cycle. As data analytics grows, more job profiles are needed to set the context and communicate vital business intelligence better. Accumulating, analyzing, and reporting on data can drive preferences and result in business decision-making. CompTIA Data+ confirms that certified professionals have the skills to promote data-driven business decisions.

CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 Exam Information

  • Exam Code: DA0-001
  • Max. 90 questions (multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and performance-based)
  • Length of exam: 90 minutes
  • Passing score: 675 (on a scale of 100-900)
  • Exam Cost: $239
  • Recommended experience: 18-24 months’ hands-on experience in a lab or the field

How to Study for CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 Exam?

Tip 1: Devise a Study Plan

First of all, you must determine to improve yourself. To be successful in the CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 certification exam, you must have perseverance, a study plan, and dedication. Take into account the following questions before you begin to make your study plan:

CompTIA suggests that you have 18-24 months of experience as a business analyst, acquaintance with databases and analytical tools, fundamental statistics knowledge, and experience with data visualization.

Are you able to make a plan? This is a vital step to passing the CompTIA DA0-001 exam. Get your realistic and practical study plan.

You have two options: Get CompTIA DA0-001 Data+ Online Training or self-study.

You can gauge yourself with practice tests with CompTIA Data+ Sample Questions. These will help you to gauge your preparedness and pinpoint areas that require more study.

These questions put the foundation for a study plan that assesses your preferences and knowledge, setting you up for success.

Tip 2: Become Familiar with CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 Exam Objectives

CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 exam syllabus topics can be an excellent place to begin. This information will tell you the objectives you’ll cover on the exam and where you should direct your attention. The CompTIA website has a complete list of exam objectives for the DA0-001 exam.

It is worth spending time understanding CompTIA Data+ syllabus topics. Write down what you know and what is unknown. This will allow you to prioritize your study topics to study most competently.

You’ll notice that the CompTIA DA0-001 syllabus is split into four domains. You can structure your exam preparation by weighting the domains.

CompTIA Data+ Syllabus Topics

  • Mining data
  • Manipulating data
  • Applying basic statistical methods
  • Analyzing complex datasets while adhering to governance and quality standards throughout the entire data life cycle

Tip 3: Get Practical Experience

This is often the difficulty in finding employment. Organizations are eager to comprehend you have experience. But how can you obtain that experience if there is no way to practice the acquired skills? For that, you can visit CompTIA CertMaster Labs.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs Data+ helps you to learn to utilize actual software to analyze, visualize, manipulate, and report data in a lab-based environment. This will enable you to concentrate on the CompTIA Data+ syllabus and practice utilizing comprehensive stepwise activities.

CompTIA CertMaster Labs characteristic:

  • Virtual environments that are browser-based and utilize real tools
  • Step by step lab guides that link up with CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 syllabus topics
  • Pre-configured activity requiring basic setup

Tip 4: Learn from Official Resources

You’re ready to learn if you have completed steps 1 and 2. CompTIA CertMaster Learning is an eLearning platform that concentrates on the CompTIA DA0-001 syllabus. The interactive platform provides videos, lessons, flashcards, and games organized in a personal study plan. Moreover, CompTIA DA0-001 Sample Questions offer instant feedback so you can demonstrate your progress and make any essential adjustments. There is also a preliminary calendar that will keep you on a path.

You can also learn from the Official CompTIA Data+ Study Guide to learn all exam objectives. It helps you to either study one topic or a series of concerning subjects at your convenience. CompTIA’s practical training tools are proposed by some certification applicants.

CompTIA certification exams also involve the second component, putting what you have studied into practice. CompTIA DA0-001, the only entry-level vendor-neutral, practical analytics certification, is available. This certification proves your skill in analyzing intricate data sets and offering reports. It also confirms your skill in sticking to quality standards and monitoring data.

Tip 5: Be Exam Ready with CompTIA Data+ Practice Test

These skills can only be acquired if you have the experience. You need the practice to boost your confidence and pass the CompTIA DA0-001 Exam.

It is vital to learn how questions are presented and get used to the pressure of a time-bound exam. CompTIA Data+ practice test is a companion tool to help you learn smartly and fill knowledge gaps.

CompTIA Data+ practice test will help you to reinforce your knowledge by:

  • Evaluating and enhancing your skills
  • Problem-solving time Knowledge Gains and Topic Problem Tracking
  • Practice your skills and prove your knowledge before the CompTIA DA0-001 exam

Is CompTIA Data+ Worth It?

Data analytics is not just an appealing job profile; it also offers many benefits in terms of career and salary benefits. Some of the grounds why one should go for a CompTIA Data+ DA0-001 certification are:

  • Lots of Opportunities: Data analytics is an advancing and expanding field. Hence, a number of opportunities are arising as many organizations are attentive to making data analysis a core part of their business operations. If you have a certification, you can be able to excel from the rest and get a chance to work with some of the leading organizations.
  • Need for Skilled Professionals: Though there might be substantial opportunities in data analytics, the number of qualified professionals is not sufficient to fulfill the expectations of the organizations. If you have a certification, you can be among those exclusive skilled professionals and be out in front of the game in any interviews.
  • High Salary Potential: The salary growth of certified professionals is usually higher than non-certified peers. Based on a Naukri Survey, 67% of the hiring managers mentioned that they prefer certified applicants and are ready to pay higher. Thus, you can expect better career development as well.


At the start, preparing for a DA0-001 CompTIA Data+ certification exam may seem difficult, maybe even unattainable. There’s a lot to study; rarely, CompTIA exams are a walk in the park. But, persistent and strong progress will move you toward your objectives and a successful exam score.

Even the slightest progress counts over time and, from a learning and exam performance point of view, is much more effective than cramming for a DA0-001 CompTIA Data+ exam a few nights before. Good Luck!!