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PCNSA Study Guide: Exam Structure and Preparation Tips

PCNSA certification confirms your skill to design, install, configure, and maintain Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls and your ability to efficiently deploy the firewalls to facilitate network traffic based on who (User-ID), what (App-ID), and when (Policy), all while providing security (Content-ID).

PCNSA certification isn’t created just for security professionals — clients, pre-sale systems engineers, value-add resellers, system integrators, and system administrators can benefit a lot from it. The PCNSA certification centers on maintaining, installing, and managing Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls to protect networks.

PCNSA Exam Structure

  • Exam Fee: $155
  • Exam Number: PCNSA PAN‐OS 10
  • Exam Duration: 80 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Passing score: 70-80 / 100 Approx
  • Validity Period: 2 years

PCNSA Certification Exam Objectives

  • Next-Generation Security Platform and Architecture
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Security and NAT Policies
  • App-ID™
  • Content-ID™
  • User-ID™
  • URL Filtering
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Security Best Practices

Top Tips to Pass the PCNSA Exam Effortlessly

Understand the Exam Objectives

Make a Study Plan

Utilize your time Wisely

PCNSA Practice Tests are Important

Be Calm and Stay Positive

1. Understand the Exam Objectives

A PCNSA certification cannot be obtained without a complete understanding of the concepts covered in the exam. You can find all the information about exam topics on the official website or here. Understanding these syllabus topics will help you create your study plan and also aid in choosing study resources.

2. Make a Study Plan

The next step in Palo Alto Network Security Administrator exam preparation should be to create a study plan. Having a realistic and practical study plan at your fingertips will also help you study the essential amount, giving you enough time to reach the goals you fixed for yourself. The core steps also involve acquiring and reading the PCNSA study guide, enrolling in an instructor-led training course, and practice tests.

3. Utilize your time Wisely

You are studying to be a skilled Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator, and nobody comprehends the neediness to utilize every minute attentively other than you. It is not all about how many hours you spend on Palo Alto Network Security Administrator exam preparation but how vigorously you learn. Creating mind maps for your understanding can help you remember the topics easily and make revisions simpler for you.

4. PCNSA Practice Tests are Important

Many websites provide PCNSA practice tests to aid in your exam preparation. The core purpose of the practice test is to stimulate the exam atmosphere. After regular practice, you will be confident and composed on the day of the exam. This is an excellent way to gauge your preparation level. A simulation is a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with PCNSA exam questions and structure.

This will also help you deal with the pressure you face while answering the required number of questions in a given time. It will also boost your confidence, and the odds of passing the PCNSA exam on the first try will become high.

After attempting the practice test, you should also see in which topics you are making a mistake and in which topics you are strong. Consequently, make your own strategy and work on poor areas.

5. Be Calm and Stay Positive

It is an inherent drift to become nervous and disturbed while undergoing the Palo Alto certification exam, as the certificate can affect your salary and job opportunities.

A calm mind will help you learn well, and throughout the PCNSA exam, it will help you think explicitly. Keep in mind that a peaceful mind can think absolutely and help you solve the most difficult PCNSA exam questions smoothly.

To Conclude

After all the hard work you have put in while preparing for your PCNSA exam, the exam day is a crucial day of your life. The tips noted in this article will definitely help you avoid all the stress on this day. Go through all these tips to be organized and more peaceful to be in the right mindset to answer all the questions to get through the exam with good scores. All the best!