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PL-300 Exam: Plan Your Career in Power BI

If you’re a data analyst or developer who utilizes Power BI to work with data, this is a very beneficial certification to have on your CV. It can help you acquire the recognition that you be entitled to and help your organization excel. In this article, we explore the benefits of earning a Microsoft Certified – Power BI Data Analyst Associate PL-300 certification. This certification confirms the skills needed to help businesses to boost the value of their data assets using Power BI.

Overview of Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Exam

The Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst – PL-300 exam consists of multiple-choice questions, but you might also face reorder, build a tree, or simulation questions. Moreover, this Power BI certification cost is $165, and you need to obtain at least a score of 700 out of 1000 to pass the PL-300 exam. You are approximately given three hours to complete the test. Moreover, the exam is available in the English language only.

PL-300 Exam Objectives

  • Prepare the data (15-20%)
  • Model the data (30-35%)
  • Visualize and analyze the data (25-30%)
  • Deploy and maintain assets (20-25%)

Benefits of Passing the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Exam

By passing the Microsoft Power BI PL-300 exam, you can get yourself Microsoft Certified РPower BI Data Analyst Associate certification. And being BI Reporting certified can fetch you many benefits such as;


The core objective of the certification is to demonstrate to anyone whom it may concern that you own the skills stated in the certificate. As Microsoft is a creditable organization, being Microsoft certified is reputable, and your certificate is a vital mark on your CV. The Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification will confirm that you are qualified with the most appropriate skills. This is very crucial in occasions like interviews where you have to confirm your skills to the interviewer.

Bigger Paycheck

Staying relevant with the latest industry trends by earning relevant certifications will make hiring managers ardent about employing you in their organization with great pay packages.

This possibility of obtaining a bigger paycheque is higher for Microsoft-certified professionals because of Microsoft’s greatest prestige. Hence, an individual who has passed the PL-300 exam has an excellent probability of receiving a bigger paycheque than a person with fundamental qualifications.

Job Promotions

Gaining relevant skills makes you an expert to do more than what is needed of you at your present positions, thus making you a potential candidate for a job promotion where your skills can be excellently utilized. Additionally, the new certification fetches more career opportunities for you.

Passing PL-300 Exam Increases Job Security

Job security is difficult to attain in the Information Technology field, and this is because it consistently modifies, extends, and evolves. You must stay updated with those developments if you want to remain a skilled professional in your company. A Microsoft certification will solve this purpose. Because Microsoft always ensures to update their certificates whenever there’s a substantial growth in the field, you can be ensured that you will be upgrading yourself by passing the PL-300 exam.

How to Prepare for Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL–300 Exam?

It’s common that Microsoft exams are a bit difficult to pass. For this reason, many study materials are easily available to help you pass the PL-300 exam. Below is a list of a few resources and platforms from which you can carry out your exam preparation.

1. Microsoft official Website

Microsoft provides instructor-led training “Course PL-300T00: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst” to help you thoroughly prepare for the PL-300 exam. Microsoft also provides a learning path to ease your preparation journey.

2. YouTube Videos

YouTube has become a famous resource on the web for Microsoft exam preparation. It consists of tutorial videos, videos sharing experiences encountering PL-300 exams, practice questions, tips and tricks to utilize at exams, etc.

3. Books

Books are more comprehensive resources. You can come across books written by professionals in Power BI that can be very useful in your approach to studying for the PL-300 exam.

4. PL-300 Practice Test

Practice tests are an excellent resource for any Microsoft exam preparation and so for the PL-300 exam. You can find updated and authentic practice tests at By attempting the PL-300 practice test, you can get acquainted with the type of exam questions and identify the topics in which you are lacking and work on them. Moreover, with the practice test, you’ll get confidence in your skills and throw out anxiety before taking the exam.

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Reasons to Take PL-300 Practice Test

Whether you appear for a Microsoft exam, giving a few practice tests can help you become familiar with the exam. Moreover, it can eliminate any doubts or confusion you might have about the exam and help you feel more confident when you give the real exam.

Above all, a practice exam is the best way to identify your preparation level for the exam, and it helps you determine which areas you need to work upon.

Let’s delve into some of the top reasons you should attempt the PL-300 practice test.

Reason #1: Relieve Stress and Anxiety

It’s expected for exam-takers to get anxious and stressed out when exam dates are nearer. Commonly, tension is a considerable cause of this anxiety. Applicants aren’t sure what the exam comprises and how prepared they are. Giving a PL-300 practice test can take off this uncertainty and help the applicants handle their anxiety issues.

Reason #2: Improve your self-confidence

When applicants notice themselves scoring well on the PL-300 practice tests, it spontaneously increases their confidence and further improves their performance. Studies reveal that when applicants are confident, they are more likely to score well in the actual exam.

Reason #3: Identify the Exam Structure

Performing multiple PL-300 practice tests can help you understand the pattern of your Microsoft exam. You may recognize what kind of questions are likely to be asked and develop a shortcut or adequate strategy to ace your exam.

Giving PL-300 practice tests can help trigger your implicit memory and push it. They give you a perception of what you need to revise and what you’re already mastered at.


Getting yourself Microsoft Certified – Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification is the best way to boost your career in Power BI. You have to pass the PL-300 exam first and own distinctive skills in working with Power BI. Holding Microsoft certification fetches a lot of benefits you, such as a higher salary, proof, and promotions; that’s why preparation is crucial step before passing the exam. Make the most out of study resources from the Microsoft website and attempt a practice test on the website, and you will be ready to ace the exam. Stop delaying and earn this coveted Microsoft certification right now.