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How to Prepare for GIAC GCIH Exam in 4 Steps

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) organization provides incident handler certification to those who wish to demonstrate their incident handling expertise. The GCIH certification evaluates computer-related incident handling expertise, like determining steps to perform incident handling, detecting network activities and anomalies, detecting and analyzing network and system vulnerabilities, and improving the incident discovery process.

Overview of the GCIH Certification Exam

Candidates can become GCIH certified by scheduling and taking the following GCIH exam through any GIAC proctored test centers.

  • Exam Questions: 106
  • Exam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Passing Marks: 73%
  • Exam Body: Pearson VUE
  • Prerequisite: None
  • GCIH Certification Cost: $2499

GCIH Exam Objectives

  • Detecting Covert Communications
  • Detecting Evasive Techniques
  • Detecting Evasive Techniques
  • Drive-By Attacks
  • Endpoint Attack and Pivoting
  • Incident Response and Cyber Investigation
  • Memory and Malware Investigation
  • Network Investigations
  • Networked Environment Attack
  • Password Attacks
  • Post-Exploitation Attacks
  • Reconnaissance and Open-Source Intelligence
  • Scanning and Mapping
  • SMB Scanning
  • Web App Attacks

Targeted Audience

  • Network Security Engineers
  • Penetration Testers
  • Network Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Network Managers

GIAC GCIH Exam Preparation Tips

GIAC certification exams are open-book exams so that you can bring any printed material to the testing center. A common mistake when people approach these types of exams is that they assume having the resources on hand suggests they don’t require to study or prepare to pass the exam.

Carry the raw books into the exam without reading the whole book and understanding concepts. Finding information quickly to complete the exam in time will be imposs The questions are written intentionally to force the applicants to enforce the knowledge from the learning, and there’s not enough time to understand the material during the exam. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the GIAC GCIH certification exam.

1. Be Organized

As GCIH is an open-book exam, you need to be organized. Start by splitting the books into significant sections with a handful of tabs along the top of the pages. Try to divide the book into 6-8 sections at maximum.

Once you have bookmarked the significant sections, go through them, and mark essential ideas/references with tabs along the right side of the book. Preferably, you should match the color of the top tab for that significant section. Make things more even and organized.

Before the exam

  • Utilize tables of contents and index pages to pinpoint relevant sections in the books you plan to use.
  • Bookmark worthwhile chapters or pages with Post-it notes.
  • Prepare summaries, e.g., in margins of texts, to feed a quick reference.
  • Prepare a list of crucial information (formulae, key definitions, etc.) likely to be utilized.
  • Use index tabs to list essential topics and relevant page numbers of concepts.

2. Take Training Courses

SANS training courses are an essential part of GCIH exam preparation. Training course adds an intriguing dimension to the learning procedure. With a training course, you learn from experienced tutors, making your exam preparation journey more compelling. This course provides different tools and prospects that might be available to someone else.

3. Participate in a Relevant Online Community

The most prominent way to broaden your knowledge base is to join study groups where valuable information is shared. You will also get in touch with the industry experts who are throwing light on how best to prepare for the certification exam and provide valuable tips to ace the test. The Microsoft Community is a massive platform with IT experts who will provide valuable insights into how you can plan your exam preparation.

4. Take GIAC GCIH Practice Test

The GIAC GCIH certification exam comprises 106 questions that must be finished in 4 hours. Therefore, you must answer a lot of practice questions to comprehend the type of exam question types before taking your actual exam. Many websites provide online practice tests for the GIAC GCIH certification exam that you can take up.

With the help of practice tests, you become familiar with the exam questions, and you can quickly sharpen your exam-taking and time-management skills before the scheduled exam date. The one website that offers reliable and updated practice tests is edusum.

Gauge Your Preparation Level by Attempting Free GCIH Practice Test


The GIAC GCIH certification exam is an important test you must pass to have a successful career as an Incident Handler. So, give your best and go for it once you are assured of your preparation.