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AWS Developer Associate Certification: Salaries, Jobs, and Benefits

The AWS Developer Associate level exam is one of the several challenging exams. Each certification of AWS makes an average salary of more than $100,000. The standard salary of an AWS certified an IT professional is 27.5% higher than the non-certified people. The most popular skills involve creating web applications using Amazon Web Services.

The AWS CDA certification proves technical expertise in developing and maintaining applications on AWS. The certification exams help in the knowledge of not just AWS but the cloud standards that are accepted in Cloud computing, for example, Serverless. Due to the advanced thoughts included in the development of cloud computing, this certification makes it especially valuable.

As a Part of the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam, Somebody will be Able to:

  • Exhibit the sympathy of AWS core services, uses, and fundamental architecture and its best practices.
  • Exhibit skill in development, deployment, and troubleshooting of cloud-based applications using AWS.
  • If we go back to the market trends of the previous five years, we’ll be able to understand how fashion has changed.

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Find Below the Points that Determine the Change in the Patterns of AWS Badges:

  • AWS certification exams are now available in many languages. You can immediately take this exam in your regional language. AWS supports languages like – English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • You may find test markets for the certification exam throughout the world.
  • There is an increase in the number of IT professionals who are showing concern in AWS Certification rapidly.
  • People are already performing multiple certifications in AWS technology.
Get Ready to Crack AWS Developer Associate (DVA-C01) Certification Exam

AWS has now established a firm position in the market. If you anticipate how AWS certification would be in the upcoming year, then you can have a look at search engines to know the highlights of this job profile, salaries as per different regions, etc. AWS has become highly popular in the IT sector. Nearly all the small-sized, medium-sized, large organizations have now started performing their data on the cloud. Cloud management gives reliability, manageability, and strategic edge to the data.

AWS cloud services are famous by organizations around the globe. Salaries of AWS Developer Associate have also been reviewed annually among different regions across the world. If we think only Amazon, you will be amazed to understand that only Amazon controls 33% share of the cloud computing market, which is three times higher than the other competitors. The growth is growing with time.

Currently, AWS is achieving a year-on-year increase of 43%, which indicates that AWS is likely to manage the cloud computing market far more shortly. With these complex numbers, we cannot deny the importance of AWS certification and high-requirement of AWS experts in the market.

Almost 16,000 IT professionals who competed in the Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Survey, 807 respondents said that they hold an AWS certification. The standard salary of AWS certified IT professionals is valued at nearly $113,000, which is the highest salary of all certifications in the United States and Canada.

Job Responsibilities of an AWS Certified Developer

An AWS Developer Associate is accountable for setting up, maintaining, and developing the cloud infrastructure of web-based applications. The expectations from an AWS developer is to realize the core services and apply ultimate practices about security and scalability.

Other Responsibilities may include:

  • Understanding of the modern application infrastructure and implementing changes to it.
  • Identify and document unconquerable practices and strategies regarding the deployment of the application and infrastructure management.
  • Relocate infrastructure with no downtime to assure high availability and scalability.
  • Implement applications CI/CD pipeline using the AWS CI/CD stack.
  • Set up a monitoring stack.
  • Good knowledge of AWS applications.
  • Good understanding of Docker and Kubernates.
  • Educational background and Skills.
  • Good perception of writing infrastructure as code using.
  • A proper grasp of the software development kit (SDK) to communicate with services from your application.
  • A better understanding of Linux/Unix administration.
  • Incredible code writing that can optimize performance.
  • Application security at the code level.
  • CloudFormation or Terraform.
  • Experience of large-scale systems design.
  • Capability to troubleshoot distributed systems.

Requirements for the AWS Developer Associate Certification Exam

To take the AWS Developer Associate certification exam, you need to be made an AWS Technical Essentials Certification or have essential hands-on experience. The requirement also includes knowledge with queueing services, messaging, and the development of API interfaces. People trying this associate-level certification of AWS should also have a better understanding of stateless and loosely-coupled distributed applications, relational, and non-relational databases.

AWS Certified Salary vs. Non-Certified Developer Salary

The real value of certification lies only in the process of studying for the exam itself. Adding certification may not just improve your base in your old domain but also boost your paychecks. The salary of a non-certified AWS Developer Associate is about $53,827 – $154,416. And for the Certified AWS Developer Associate, salary is beyond that.

How Does AWS Certification Add Support to Your Big Paychecks?

Well, there are many advantages of adding AWS certification in your resume. It not only continues the badge to your profile but also leverages your salary. Certifications may give you the power to stand out in a competitive market. No doubt, gaining certification is a time-consuming process. It takes a compound of time, effort, and commitment. The level of engagement makes an excellent impression on considered employers and partners.

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Benefits of Getting AWS Certification

  • Adding certification shows a dedication to the profession.
  • It shows credibility and commitment to the career path of cloud computing.
  • Accreditations are recognized industry-wide as well-designed and reliable technical credentials.
  • It gives access to the network of like-minded people and thought leaders of AWS.
  • AWS certification is continuously among the highest paying professional certifications worldwide.
  • It supplies you a new level of expertise.
  • AWS certification is a door opener for the latest events.
  • It will boost your self-esteem.
  • Become an AWS Associate Developer.

Aside from the job benefits of AWS certification, it also benefits to the businesses. Businesses make profits from AWS developer associate certification by hosting, developing, backup and disaster recovery, storage of big data and analytics, custom designs in areas like IoT, and much more. The organizations that actively implement AWS solutions are likely to increase efficiency, cost-savings, high speed, tighter security, and more effortless scalability.

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