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Best Aid to Prepare for Your Microsoft AZ-305 Exam

The Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification was developed to acknowledge the wide range of skills and abilities needed to fill this role. Applicants who get this certification can be proud of having their skills recognized after passing an advanced-level exam. To obtain this Microsoft certification, applicants must pass the Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions AZ-305 exam.

What is the Microsoft AZ-305 Exam?

Microsoft AZ-305 Exam is an expert-level certification exam, which carries off Microsoft Certified – Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Applicants intending to take this exam need to have profound knowledge and experience in IT operations, networking, virtualization, identity business continuity, data platforms, security disaster recovery, and governance. Professionals in this field must determine how their judgments in each domain impact the solution. Moreover, they must have prior experience in Azure Administration, Azure development, and DevOps procedures.

Microsoft AZ-305 Exam Details

For better knowledge and clarification of the Microsoft AZ-305 Exam, here is all the information you require to know about the Exam:

  • Certification name: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Exam Name: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • Exam Code: AZ-305
  • Number of questions: 40-60
  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes
  • Passing score: 700/1000
  • Exam Fee: 165$

Exam Objectives

  • Design identity, governance, and monitoring solutions (25–30%)
  • Design data storage solutions (25–30%)
  • Design business continuity solutions (10–15%)
  • Design infrastructure solutions (25–30%)

Top Tips for Passing Microsoft AZ-305 Exam

Here are a few tips that might be useful for your AZ-305 exam preparation.

1. Know the Official Exam Information

First, stick to the trusted and official course content Microsoft provides on its website. It would give you a direction and path to follow throughout your exam preparation.

2. Explore Official Study Resources

On Microsoft’s website, they have also offered study materials for the exam-takers. Microsoft provides a variety of learning materials to help you study for the AZ-305 exam. The official Microsoft training program is a smart option if you have spare time and can spend money on the Microsoft AZ-305 exam preparation. One of them is paid, while the other is free. The training course “Course AZ-305T00: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions” is conducted by industry experts and will help you study and learn more efficiently.

3. Find resources

A good learning material resource is an applicant’s guiding light. Good learning resources are vital after you start the preparation. You can use free Microsoft resources as well as instructor-led training. If you want more comprehensive knowledge, consider opting for whitepapers and study guides.

Microsoft AZ-305 Certification

4. AZ-305 Practice Test

After you’ve completed all the AZ-305 syllabus topics, you need to gauge your level of preparation using practice tests. They tell you the topics you are missing and topics you still need to work on. Practice tests are an excellent way to see if you can finish the exam in the given time frame.

5. Practical Labs

The ideal way to prepare for the Microsoft certification exam is to practice in a setting where you may try, fail, and learn. For instance, you may use case studies for the AZ 305 certification, which will teach you how to resolve difficult situations.

6. Participate in Online Communities and Forums

Many other online forums offer information about exam preparation. You can also catch on to them or with your studies. To make preparation more pleasant, you can participate in relevant online communities. You could share your experiences, ask doubts, and learn from the experiences of other group members. As a result, you’ll better understand how to tackle your preparations and how hard you need to study.

Advantages of Passing Microsoft AZ-305 Exam

  • The AZ-305 certification authenticates you as a qualified professional with a thorough knowledge of Azure Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Microsoft hosts workshops and events to help develop and market innovative services and products. If you pass the Microsoft AZ-305 exam, you’ll be qualified to attend Microsoft’s seminars & events as a part of the organization’s extensive community.
  • Adding this certification to your CV will help you advance your career and improve your possibility of being hired.
  • Getting a job with the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification, achieved after passing the Microsoft AZ-305 exam, is significantly more convenient and productive. As an outcome, you won’t have to make every effort to find a suitable job that fits the sharp skills and qualifications you’ve included in your resume.
  • Microsoft inclines to thrive, with a 19 percent market share and constant innovation; thus, the demand for Expert Azure Solution Architects will increase rapidly.


It’s silly to discuss whether or not the Microsoft Certified – Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification is worthwhile. The Microsoft AZ-305 exam is a great opportunity to boost your career, and it will unlock doors to excellent employment options for you and help you accomplish your objectives right away. You have to study smartly and give this Microsoft exam your best shot. Remember, Hard work always pays off.