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IAPP CIPP-US Certification: Benefits and Exam Tips

What Is IAPP CIPP-US Certification?

The IAPP CIPP-US certification is designed for privacy specialists in the United States private sector. Suppose you’re already working on a matter of privacy or want to get into it. In that case, the CIPP-US certification exam qualifies you to display your skill while highlighting your importance to present and prospective users. 

IAPP CIPP-US Exam Details

  • Exam Name: IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States
  • Exam Code: CIPP-US
  • Duration: 150 mins
  • Number of questions: 90
  • Passing score: 83%
  • Exam Fees: First-Time Candidate: $550, Retake: $375
  • Languages: English

Each question has one proper answer and three distractions. A few questions are scenario-based, where you are asked to use your knowledge in a speculative situation.

Who Should Take the IAPP CIPP-US Exam?

The IAPP CIPP-US Exam is a crucial certification for I.T. specialists in protecting data and privacy. Whether you are seeing progress in your profession or remaining at the cutting advantage of appearing directions on this site, cracking the IAPP CIPP-US Exam can support and indicate your skill and select you from other applicants. If you are prepared to carry your skills to another level, then now is the ideal time to mark up for the IAPP CIPP-US Exam.

Benefits of CIPP-US Certification

Simply put, great career opportunities. With expanding rate, organizations make the CIPP-US certification a compulsory or desired capability for employment seekers whose duty will be to manage privacy-related topics. This is correct across different jobs, including permitted, conferring, human resources, and others. And because privacy issues occur in many contexts, this IAPP certification is desired in multiple industries, from information technology to healthcare, finance, and more. 

Typically, specialists getting a CIPP-US certification also gain considerably over their non-certified equivalents. According to a current survey (access for IAPP members only), qualified practitioners with one IAPP certification receive approximately $5,000 more annually than their non-certified peers. By comparison, those with many IAPP certifications gain up to $15,000 per annum more than their equivalents.

According to a similar survey, privacy specialists had a job satisfaction score of 7.3 (out of ten), with the biggest driver of that satisfaction being how interesting their job was.

The CIPP-US certification is a crucial industry standard for top users since it is the international benchmark for privacy professionals. 

Here are a few reasons IAPP certification and practice will support your company’s growth:

  • The CIPP-US certification is the international industry benchmark for privacy experts new to or already operating in the area.
  • Getting a CIPP-US certification demonstrates fundamental knowledge and understanding of the U.S.’s principles-based details privacy structure.
  • You’ll be acknowledged as a fellow of the elite group of familiar, skillful, and committed privacy and protection of data professionals.
  • It “increases your profile within your equivalents as a manager”.
  • The CIPP-US is a crucial example among businesses employing and advertising privacy professionals.

Tips to Crack the IAPP CIPP-US Exam On the First Try

1. Focus on Learning Rather Than Solely Remembering 

The CIPP-US certification exam is meant to gauge your knowledge of U.S. privacy laws and regulations and when, why, and how they should be used. Usually, applicants try to remember the concepts rather than learn, which is not a good idea. The reason behind this is that the CIPP-US syllabus demands a thorough understanding from You.

2. Take Advantage of Exam Preparation Resources

When you visit the official website, you can explore various study materials provided by IAPP. IAPP provides study guides, books, training courses, exam blueprints, and so on. You can learn from these resources to master all the CIPP-US exam syllabus topics. 

3. Get Engaged in an Online Community 

Applicants should engage in a relevant online community as a part of their exam preparation. In such communities, you will be able to:

  • Post and obtain your questions and problems responded
  • Become acquainted with additional study resources
  • Boost your knowledge of the exam topics while answering questions from other applicants
  • Join and network with both applicants and certified professionals 

4. Take Up a Training Course 

Online discussion groups and study groups are crucial in increasing your exam preparation. Yet, you require a more stable primary technique to prepare for the IAPP CIPP-US Certification exam; this is where online exam preparation training courses enter the picture.

Taking up a carefully planned certification preparation course allows you to get the advice of professional and familiar trainers who have cracked the exam. You can carry the trainers’ assistance to solve your questions and help from their attempted exam preparation technique and experience. Briefly, it will seriously increase your score on the exam.

5. Add the Online IAPP CIPP-US Practice Exams to Your Study Plan

Taking practice tests is an essential part of training for any exam and is required for the CIPP-US Certification. Attempting CIPP-US practice exams will help you to consider your preparation level while boosting your confidence and persistence to undertake exam stress.

6. Prepare Your Study Schedule

Based on your understanding and knowledge of the exam topics, you can create a study plan for daily and weekly learning events. It would support you if you asked yourself straightforward essential questions before completing your study schedule, comprising:

  • What is your understanding level of the exam topics?
  • What period are you ready to reserve to study?
  • When do you plan to carry the exam?
  • Which learning method is better for you: self-learning or windowed?


The IAPP CIPP-US exam is not as tough as individuals online think. It’s the exam syllabus and shortage of online resources that make exam challenging. Invest the time and struggle to get learn the exam topics in detail, and you’ll be able to pass the exam with a flying score.