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HCIA-Storage Certification: Exam Day Strategies

In the fast-evolving Information and Communication Technology (ICT) landscape. Huawei, a renowned global technology leader, recognizes this need and offers the Huawei Certified ICT Associate — Storage (HCIA-Storage) certification program. To validate IT professionals’ skills and knowledge in storage solutions and technologies, HCIA-Storage equips individuals with the expertise required for positions such as enterprise storage engineers and IT technical support.

Target Audience

The HCIA-Storage certification is tailored for various individuals, including Huawei engineers, channel engineers, college students, and ICT practitioners. Whether you are already a part of the Huawei ecosystem or seeking to enhance your storage-related skills, this certification opens doors to exciting opportunities in the rapidly evolving world of ICT.


To embark on the HCIA-Storage journey, candidates should know about networks, computer components, and Windows/Linux operating systems. This foundational understanding sets the stage for comprehensively exploring storage technologies and solutions during certification.

HCIA-Storage Certification Exam Overview

The Huawei HCIA-Storage exam, coded as H13-611, is the gateway to validating your storage-related skills. Priced at $200 (USD), the exam is a 90-minute endeavor comprising 60 questions. To pass, candidates must achieve a minimum 600 out of 1000 score. Let’s delve into the critical syllabus topics that candidates encounter during the exam.

HCIA-Storage Certification Exam Syllabus Topics

  • Storage Technology Trends (5%): Stay ahead of the curve by grasping the most recent trends in storage technology. This section ensures that candidates are equipped with knowledge about emerging advancements, enabling them to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of ICT.
  • Basic Storage Technologies (50%): A considerable portion of the exam focuses on fundamental storage technologies. Candidates will delve into the core concepts that underpin storage solutions. From storage architectures to data management, this section is the cornerstone of the HCIA-Storage certification, providing a solid foundation for professionals.
  • Huawei Intelligent Storage Products and Features (35%): Explore Huawei’s intelligent storage products and features in-depth. This section is crucial for understanding how Huawei leverages innovation to address storage challenges. Candidates gain insights into Huawei’s cutting-edge storage solutions, from hardware to software.
  • Storage System O&M Management (10%): Effective operation and maintenance (O&M) are integral to the success of any storage system. This section ensures that HCIA-Storage certified professionals can proficiently manage storage systems, covering aspects such as deployment, O&M, and general system management.

Benefits of HCIA-Storage Certification

In the dynamic landscape of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), professionals constantly seek ways to enhance their skills and stay relevant. The Huawei Certified ICT Associate — Storage (HCIA-Storage) certification is more than just a validation of expertise; it brings many benefits that can significantly impact an individual’s career and contribute to organizational success.

1. Skill Validation

HCIA-Storage certification validates the skills and knowledge of IT professionals in storage solutions and technologies. This is concrete evidence of an individual’s capability to navigate the complexities of storage systems effectively.

2. Career Advancement

Armed with HCIA-Storage certification, individuals position themselves for career advancement opportunities. This certification is particularly beneficial for those aspiring to take on roles such as enterprise storage engineers and IT technical support specialists.

3. Industry Recognition

Being certified by Huawei, a global technology leader, adds a layer of industry recognition to an individual’s profile. HCIA-storage holders are acknowledged for their proficiency in storage technologies, contributing to their credibility in the ICT sector.

4. Diverse Job Opportunities

The HCIA-Storage certification caters to a diverse audience, including Huawei engineers, channel engineers, college students, and ICT practitioners. This diversity opens many job opportunities within the Huawei ecosystem and beyond, as the skills acquired are transferable across various industries.

5. Access to Huawei Ecosystem

For those already part of the Huawei ecosystem, HCIA-Storage certification deepens their engagement. It allows professionals to leverage Huawei’s intelligent storage products and features more effectively, contributing to enhanced collaboration and innovation within the Huawei community.

6. Competitive Edge

In a competitive job market, having particular certifications like HCIA-Storage provides a distinct advantage. Employers value individuals who invest in continuous learning and demonstrate expertise in specific domains, making HCIA-Storage holders stand out among their peers.

7. Adaptation to Technological Trends

The certificate’s focus on storage technology trends ensures that professionals stay ahead of the curve. Understanding emerging advancements equips certified individuals to make informed decisions, contributing to organizational success in an ever-evolving ICT landscape.

8. Efficient Storage System Management

The HCIA-Storage curriculum emphasizes storage system operation and maintenance (O&M) management. Certified professionals are adept at efficiently deploying, maintaining, and managing storage systems, contributing to improved system performance and reliability.

9. Global Networking Opportunities

Joining the community of HCIA-Storage certified professionals provides opportunities for global networking. Engaging with peers, sharing insights, and participating in Huawei-sponsored events enhance professional growth and facilitate knowledge exchange.

HCIA-Storage Certification Exam Preparation:

1. Official Exam Syllabus

Thoroughly review the HCIA-Storage exam syllabus provided by Huawei. Understand the weightage of each section to focus your preparation accordingly.

2. Study Materials

You can use official Huawei study materials, including textbooks, online resources, and practice exams. These resources are designed to adhere to the exam goals and offer a thorough grasp of storage technologies.

3. Hands-on Practice

Gain practical experience by working on Huawei storage products and features. Hands-on practice enhances your understanding of real-world scenarios and reinforces theoretical knowledge.

4. Training Courses

Consider enrolling in Huawei-approved training courses for HCIA-Storage. These courses are intended to cover the exam topics in detail and often include hands-on labs.

5. Mock Exams

Take advantage of mock tests and practice tests. These simulate the actual exam environment and help you assess your readiness. Identify areas of weakness and revisit those topics in your study plan.

Exam Day

1. Arrive Early

Arrive at the exam center early to complete the check-in process. Only on-time arrivals may be allowed to take the exam.

2. Identification Verification

Present a valid photo ID for identity verification. Follow the exam center’s guidelines for the check-in procedure.

3. Exam Rules

Familiarize yourself with the exam center’s rules and regulations. Ensure compliance with guidelines regarding personal belongings, breaks, and any other specific instructions.

4. Focus and Time Management

During the exam, maintain focus and manage your time efficiently. Prioritize questions and allocate time based on the weightage of each section.

5. Review Answers

If circumstances permit, take a moment to go through your responses before finalizing and submitting the exam. Double-check for any errors or omissions.


1. Score Report

After the exam, you will obtain a score report indicating your performance in each section. Take note of areas for improvement.

2. Certification Status

Check the certification portal for your certification status. Successful candidates will receive a Huawei Certified ICT Associate — Storage digital badge and certificate.

3. Continuous Learning

Stay engaged with Huawei’s community and continue learning about emerging storage technologies. Consider pursuing advanced certifications to enhance your skills further further.

By following this comprehensive exam guide, candidates can confidently approach the HCIA-Storage certification, ensuring a smooth and successful certification journey.


The Huawei Certified ICT Associate — Storage (HCIA-Storage) certification equips IT professionals with essential storage solutions and technology skills. Beyond serving as a testament to proficiency, the certification brings numerous benefits, including career advancement, industry recognition, and diverse job opportunities. The provided exam guide ensures thorough preparation, emphasizing the significance of staying updated on technological trends and mastering storage system management. HCIA-Storage delivers a competitive edge, encourages continuous learning, and facilitates global networking within the Huawei community, making it a valuable asset in the rapidly evolving Information and Communication Technology field.