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Launch Your Tech Career with 5 IT Certifications

Everyone understands that feeling of dismay on Sunday nights — another work week to pass through. But it doesn’t have to be in that manner. Your career should be interesting, challenging, and appealing. If you’re feeling the pressure of a job with no prospects, why not change your way? The information technology field allows a lot of opportunities, irrespective of where your real passion lies. But how can you transition a career quickly?

Not every career demands years to launch. In the tech field, and education will help — but it isn’t fully required — for example, the IT field. The limited number of entry-level positions in this developing field demand a certification.

To support you in your quest to launch your tech career as quickly as possible, we applied real-time market analysis to recognize the best IT certifications for novices looking to start working in the industry. Keep on reading to discover what we concluded.

Why Obtain an Information Technology Certification?

Many IT jobs deal with specific technical methods or software, so being certified in a precise area demonstrates to employers that you have the definite skills required to succeed.

Earning an IT certification is an excellent way to sharpen your tech skills and help enter into the field. Landing an entry-level job is the initial step to earning the experience and further education essential to promote your tech career.

5 IT Certifications to Lauch Your Tech Career

If you’re confused about which IT certifications will offer the most job opportunities and help start your tech career, look further ahead! It is foreseen that 400,000 entry-level IT job postings from the past twelve months in order to determine the top five IT certifications employers are seeking from applicants.

IT Certification, CCNA Certification, Cisco certification, MCSE Certification, CompTIA Network+ Certification, CompTIA A+ Certification, CISSP Certification, Microsoft Certification, ISc2 Certification, IT Certifications for Begginers

1. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

 The CCNA is an entry-level certification offered by Cisco that ensures employers you can operate, install, and configure enterprise level switches and routers. CCNA certified professionals can also identify and solve common network issues and have the option of specializing in voice, security, or wireless networking.

Certification process: You can become CCNA certified by passing a single 90-minute written exam comprising of approximately 50-60 questions. The CCNA exam costs around $325.

Most Typical job Profiles:

  • Network administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Systems administrator

2. CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification and is an essential starting point for an IT career. Certified A+ certified professional is equipped with the skills to handle the maintenance of PCs, operating systems, printers, mobile devices, and laptops.

Certification process: You must pass two exams to receive the CompTIA A+ certification:

The exam fee are approximately $219.

Most Typical Job Profiles:

  • Desktop support technician
  • In-home support specialist
  • Help desk technician

3. CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA Network+ is an internationally recognized certification that confirms your skill to manage, design, and troubleshoot wired and wireless networks.

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Certification process: You need to pass the N10-007 exam comprises of 90-question on the configuration of wired and wireless network equipment and other evolving technologies. The CompTIA Network+ exam cost is $319.

Most Typical Job Profiles:

  • Information technology specialist
  • Information technology technician
  • Help-desk technician

4. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

CISSP is a globally acknowledged certification confirming information security skills to defend organizations from attack. The certification confirms comprehensive technical and administrative skills to engineer and maintain information security programs.

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Certification process: The CISSP exam includes eight domains:

  • Security and Risk Management 15%
  • Asset Security 10%
  • Security Architecture and Engineering 13%
  • Communication and Network Security 14%
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) 13%
  • Security Assessment and Testing 12%
  • Security Operations 13%
  • Software Development Security 10%

The CISSP exam comprises 250 questions, takes around six hours to complete, and costs $600.

Most Typical Job Profiles:

  • Security analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Information technology auditor

5. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

The MCSE is a mid-level certification that proves an individual’s skills to create innovative solutions across different technologies. MCSE certification is offered in the following specializations: desktop infrastructure, server infrastructure, enterprise devices and apps, private cloud, business intelligence, data platform, messaging, communication, and SharePoint.

Certification process: The measures to becoming certified will differ according to your favored concentration, but the exam is a five-step process that includes various question types such as drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, and simulation problems. The exams typically cost $150 regardless of specialization.

Most Typical Job Profiles:

  • Field systems technician
  • Systems administrator
  • Systems engineer


Earning an IT certification can prove your skills to employers and help you stay up to date on the most advanced developments in your field. Whether you’re a new IT pro or an experienced professional, there’s a certification out there for you.

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