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The A to Z of Microsoft AZ-500 Certification

If you are concerned about security or working in information security around Azure and would like to upgrade your Azure Security skills, then earning AZ-500 certification is a good move!! Being one of the three major public cloud vendors, Microsoft perceives the most rapid growth these days—meaning an Azure-specific certificate is an excellent career move.

This article concentrates on all the necessary information, skills, benefits, tips, and essential points for the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam.

Information About Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Certification:

Microsoft AZ-500 is one of the many role-based Azure certifications that are being offered by Microsoft. It is consisting of one single exam and is currently under the Beta. First, focus on various features of Azure and its services, this certification is more focused on the career path, which is influencing the market.

The Microsoft Azure security certification enables the cloud security professionals to acquire knowledge and skills over security domains and aspects associated with their responsibility. The exam cost is $165.

The AZ-500 exam covers four key areas:

  • Manage identity and access
  • Implement platform protection
  • Manage security operations
  • Secure data and applications

Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Certification Target Audience

The Microsoft AZ-500 certification exam is intended for Security Engineers who execute security controls, manage the security posture, handles identity and access, and secure data, networks, and applications. These applicants should be qualified to recognize and resolve vulnerabilities by utilizing a variety of security tools, carry out threat protection, and address security incident escalations.

Skills Acquired by Microsoft Azure Certification:

If you are presently working under security profiles, you might be working hard to get an opportunity to elevate your standards. So, this Microsoft Azure certification is the best pic. As an Azure aspirant you will master skills like:

  • Evolve and build skills that are needed to exploit security controls.
  • Explore and find solutions reinforcing different security tools available in the case of vulnerability.
  • Perform and execute the security standards and check for things within your control.
  • Understand and figure out to use different security tools accessible for each application.
  • Adopt the use of available security tools and support in protecting data, applications, and networks.
  • Practice the threat protection and execute them.
  • Ultimately, you will be able to manage and respond to escalations insecurity.

Azure Security Engineers will usually work as part of a larger team that’s involved in maintaining cloud-based systems and security. They might also be concerned with securing hybrid or polynimbus environments as part of an entire infrastructure.

Benefits of Obtaining the Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Certification

Learning multiple security tools, especially on a single Microsoft exam course, is very beneficial for acquiring knowledge and expertise. The Microsoft Azure certified security engineer would be prominent from most of the other ordinary professionals who haven’t opt for the exam. They will be able to evaluate more of the security tools accessible and implement it to everyday security threats and vulnerabilities contrary to non-certified professionals.

Top 5 Reasons to Go for Microsoft Azure Certification

Moreover, a professional who is taking up Microsoft Azure security certification holds a better opportunity to take and gets excellent job opportunities than a non-certified professional swaying under the AZ-500 exam aspirant category. The AZ-500 exam applicants make a better impression and brunt in their workplace, which makes them eligible for seizing a better position in security assignments.

  • An applicant who is Microsoft certified Azure professional can take advantage of various specific features like
  • Get in-depth knowledge and insight into networking and controls.
  • Profound knowledge about the several Microsoft Azure and its different services offered.
  • Basic knowledge of virtualization and cloud N-tier architecture, which seems to be effective in certain modern-day applications.
  • Confirms an applicant to be professional about security management and control.
  • Operate Azure and other Microsoft products with competence and enforce protections.

How to Get Prepared for Microsoft Azure AZ-500 Exam?

Microsoft Azure exams are challenging for people to pass. Microsoft has retained the standards of education high to figure out only excellent professionals and specialists who shall be masters in their field when they are certified by Microsoft in equal measure.

Professionals who have cracked the exam have given some tips to prepare for the exams in the most effective means.

Practice Microsoft Azure

As the exam is associated with the program developed by Microsoft, only having theoretical knowledge is not enough. People require to be consistently informed of the program and in touch with it to perceive the working of it thoroughly. As an outcome, the emphasis should be on working with the Azure solutions and studying it while doing it. People who have already worked on Azure solutions turn out to be scoring well in exams.

Take Hands-On Experience

If you are someone who has never had an experience of using Microsoft Azure solutions but aspiring to sit for the AZ-500 exam – then the only way is to get hands-on experience. Acquiring practical experience makes you perceive the working of the program properly and become familiar with its code. More practical experience means you shall be able to know the answers rightly.

Refer More Books

Studying for the exam from one material is not enough. Try to go through at least two books or study guides. This enriches the knowledge and gives credibility.

Utilize the AZ-500 Practice Tests

There is no choice for this. Try to take as many practice tests as possible before the exam to understand the topic thoroughly. Microsoft AZ-500 practice tests make you ready for the actual exams!

Pro Tips for AZ-500 Exam:

  • Deploy the features using the links given throughout the session
  • Understand how to accomplish the actions in the Portal / PowerShell / CLI
  • Know the features and parameters
  • Understand the levels, tiers, and scales of things.
  • Use the Microsoft Learn labs as you can
  • Don’t spend too much time on difficult questions.


There are many ways to boost exam performance with exam-taking best strategies. Try to get an overall idea of how things are being done in Azure. You can typically narrow down questions to two potential answers. Use your Azure knowledge to help make an intelligent guess.

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