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Microsoft 98-365 Certification That Add Big $$ to Your Salary

With Microsoft being a renowned vendor in providing cutting-edge technologies, IT is now becoming more appealing to many people, also to the ones being new to the industry. The data processing domain is turned out to be a distinguished area where many professionals are rushing to ensure a future-friendly career. If you’re a novice and also think about how to benefit from this profitable field, you must pay attention to this blog. Hence, Microsoft offers this entry-level certification created just for you. All you need to do is pass one exam selected from a lot of certifications. This article talks about the Microsoft 98-365 exam leading to the MTA: Certification.

Details About Microsoft 98-365 Exam

Now, the exam is clearly for those who want to understand the basics of Windows Server administration. Keep in mind that MTA certification can’t be a requirement for the higher-level Microsoft certifications. First, it refers to an IT preliminary stage.

The exam measures your understanding of and skills to perform fundamental tasks concerning the following technical areas:

  • Server installation
  • Server roles
  • Active Directory
  • Understanding of storage
  • Management of server performance
  • Server maintenance

The Microsoft 98-365 exam comprises of 40-60 questions, and you’ll have 45 minutes to finish the exam. The formats of the questions vary and can incorporate the best answer, multiple-choice, case studies, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, review screen, active screen, short answer, and more. The maximum number of points for all the questions is 1000, and you need to get at least 700 out of them to obtain the passing score. Lastly, the exam will cost you $127.

Why Do You Need to Pass Exam 98-365?

Microsoft Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (98-365) exam is beneficial for those aspiring to enter into IT for the first time to find out whether the IT industry is suitable for them or not. So, if you’ve thought whether the exam is for you, then you don’t need to think anymore, but try it with determination and confidence. Here are the reasons why you need to pass exam 98-365 and obtain Microsoft Windows Server Administration Fundamentals certification.

MTA 98-365 Is a Globally Recognized Certification

This step of seeking entry-level IT understanding guarantees you will have a renowned certification after passing the exam. It is a prominent fact that Microsoft certifications confirm their holders’ unique skills worth paying attention to. That also means that these certifications are renowned and highly appreciated across the world, and earning one proves that you’re on top of the competition.

Confirms Your Command Over Required Skills

MTA 98-365 exam measures your primary skills in administering Windows Server. By passing the exam, you’ll have confirmed your skill to accomplish the tasks associated with the capacities above. Certainly, such skills are in huge demand by organizations or professionals intending to proceed to higher certifications as it will help you quickly learn what’s expected by the advanced certifications.

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Helps You Determine if IT Industry Is App for You or Not

As 98-365 is an entry-level exam, it helps you know if you’re really the best fit for IT. You’ll be able to understand if a career in technology is something you’d like to proceed further. This will make it simple for you to switch the direction effortlessly once you pass it and disclose that you may not be interested in this field.

Qualify You for Higher-Level Microsoft Certifications

When you own confirmed basic IT skills, you’ll find it simpler to guide through advanced certifications, unlike when you have nothing to set on. Fundamental expertise obtained by passing the 98-365 exam will assist you easily perceive topics and concepts if you continue for higher-level certifications. Thus, this analyzed exam forms an essential foundation for every successful technology professionals’s career.

You Become the First Choice for Organizations and Receive More

Organizations prefer to engage professionals with fundamental IT skills even if they’re preparing to fill a non-IT based job. Undoubtedly, technology has become a significant feature of every business. Whether you’re in the finance, services, or production field, acquiring vital IT abilities and knowledge makes you more appealing and employable. This means the exam isn’t just for future professionals aspiring to prioritize IT careers.

Ultimately, the MTA certification helps you grab the job that pays well. So, job profiles to get involve technology analyst, field service technician, or IT technician. It also sets the framework for entry-level positions like website developer, mobile app developer, database administrator, and network architect. You will notice that MTA 98-365 certified professionals earn an average of $55,000 annually as they acquire experience in the field.

Study Tips to Pass MTA 98-365 Exam With the Help of Practice Tests

To start with, understanding the MTA 98-365 syllabus topics will help you focus thoroughly on your preparation. You can get study materials for this exam like a study guide, eBooks, practice tests, and videos.

To evaluate your exam preparation taking practice tests is a must for Microsoft exams. This will also help you determine how to answer all the questions. The more you perform 98-365 practice tests, the more you master the topics of this Microsoft exam. You’ll be perfecting on the test-taking skills as you practice even more.

A Brief Guide On MTA 98-365 Certification Exam Preparation

Keep in mind, getting results of practice tests will place you in the right frame of mind for the exam. Thereby, the lean your preferences for 98-368 practice questions on reliable and trusted platforms reviewed by masters in Windows Server Administration Fundamentals. You’ll be able to practice them with confidence as they provide you the correct feel you need for your MTA exam.


The Microsoft exam 98-365 is crucial in helping you measure your readiness for a higher-level career in IT. By taking and passing the exam with the help practice tests, you are being prepared to take more advanced certifications. And since technology is ever-evolving, you’ll be able to easily adapt to any modifications with this MTA certification.

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