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New to IT? Make a Career in Network Administration with MTA 98-365 Certification

MTA certifications are a superb place to begin if you would like to get into the IT field. MTA certifications address a broad range of basic technical concepts, evaluate and confirm core technical knowledge, and improve technical credibility. MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals is a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) entry-level certification exam. The MTA 98-365 exam confirms that an applicant understands server role, server installation, Active Directory, storage, server performance management, and server maintenance.

This article is devoted to the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals exam, 98-365. We will explore some essential details and benefits of the exam and its associated certification, along with the exam objectives.

Our objective is to equip you with an improved understanding of what to expect from the exam. Moreover, once you pass this Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98-365 exam, you will gain the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification, which will help you make your career.

What is MTA Certification?

The Microsoft Technology Associate is an entry-level credential offered by Microsoft. It is developed for those individuals who want to make a career in the field of IT. This certificate allows the applicants to obtain self-confidence, credibility, and distinction in the IT industry.

It will help you establish your career and also make your admission applications thoroughly. The applicants can easily explore the different IT career options, and MTA will help you by saving your time and resources along the way. The MTA certification will help make a stable and firm base for intermediate technology studies and higher-level Microsoft certifications.

By spending a bit in earning this MTA certification, you can succeed in the job market. This is your initial step towards more high-levels. It will prove your commitment to the work and technology and link you with a community of Microsoft certified professionals.

When you get through your MTA 98-365 exam, you will become a certified specialist and a Microsoft Certified Professional community member. There are different member benefits that you will gain, comprising the MCP transcript tool, exclusive offers, and private newsgroups to socialize with other certified professionals throughout the world. To avail of all these benefits, individuals need to pass only one exam.

MTA 98-365 Exam Details

To be certified in MTA, the applicants need to pass the Windows Server Administration Fundamentals (98-365) exam. This exam evaluates servers’ fundamental understanding, roles, performance, installation, maintenance, the active directory, and storage.

Microsoft does not declare the total number of multiple-choice questions that will be asked in the exam. But, there may be questions in the exam. To answer them, you will require to score at least 700 / 1000.

However, the exact percentage can vary from exam to exam, and it suggests that it may be more or less than 70 percent. One benefit of this exam is that there will be no negative marking for wrong answers.

Some questions may ask you to choose multiple correct answers, so to gain the point, you need to select the number of correct answers stated in the question. Microsoft can also add a survey question to get the applicants’ opinions concerning the exam’s betterment.

Preparation Tips for MTA 98-365 EXam

Here are some tips that, if you follow, you can obtain favorable marks in just one attempt!

  • Set up a schedule and follow it thoroughly till the end.
  • Draw motivation from your peers and colleagues. A Microsoft Certified Professional receives better paycheques!
  • Join a Microsoft community. So to keep track of the latest updates for your exam.
  • Visit the official 98-365 exam webpage. Follow the exam rules & content properly!
  • Get the updated and authentic 98-365 practice test. Solve as many practice tests as possible. Buy Affordable 98-365 Practice test and practice regularly.
  • Improve time management skills. You’ll be given a time limit in which you have to solve all the 98-365 exam questions.
  • Done practicing? Review the result of the practice test! There must be some weak areas needing concentration.
  • Done leave any question unanswered and try to solve all the questions. Some questions are tricky so leave them to review later and don’t waste time.
  • Apply all the skills and knowledge you have gain from 98-365 practice tests and be confident.


To get through the Microsoft 98-365 exam, you need to study hard with focus and persistence. Have faith; the effort will be worth it as you can relish its benefits and take forward your career in the IT field once you have the certification.

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