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RHCE EX294 Certification: Become a Red Hat Certified Engineer

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) (EX294) is a certification you can earn to become a Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA). The RHCE certification shows that UPI has demonstrated the knowledge, skill, and ability required of senior system administrator responsible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) (EX294) certification requires you to complete the RHCE (EX294) exam. According to information provided on the Red Hat website, this exam is a hands-on, performance-based, two-hour exam. Participants are supported in augmenting their skills and building on their expertise by reading the RHCE exam objectives guide.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) (EX294) Certification

Red Hat System Administration or performance-based Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (EX294) is for Linux system administrators and developers who need to manage multiple systems using Red Hat Ansible Engine and executing everyday system administration tasks across several systems with Ansible automation tools for provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration.

[LATEST] Red Hat Certified Engineer (EX294) Certification Exam
  • Install and configure Ansible/Red Hat Ansible Engine on the controller machine.
  • Create and update inventories of managed hosts and manage connections to them.
  • Automate administration tasks with Ansible playbooks and ad hoc commands.
  • Protect sensitive data used by Ansible with Ansible Vault.
  • Reuse code and simplify playbook development with Ansible roles.

This hands-on, practical exam expects you to use Red Hat Ansible Engine to perform real-world tasks. You will be given multiple systems and will be ordered to install and configure Ansible Engine and then use it to perform standard system administration tasks similar to what you would do on the job. Your work will be evaluated by applying the playbooks created during the exam against freshly installed systems and verifying that those systems and services work as specified.

In general, RHCE or Red Hat Certified Engineer is recognized as the crown jewel of Linux certifications. It will prove the candidate’s eligibility via live systems in an effective manner.

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On that basis, the RHCE Certification will determine the candidate’s ability to configure the security on servers and then configure the networking services, which is running the red hat enterprise Linux. RHCE Certification is considered the mid-level certification for administrators who will support the Linux operating system as the powerful server platform for their working field.

What Makes RHCE EX294 Very Popular?

The RHCE is one of the IT certification given by Red Hat. The primary purpose of designing this certification program is to impart particular knowledge and skills related to Red Hat’s products. It also helps people to increase their understanding of Linux.

The RHCE EX294 certification course aims to enable you to gain the skills while developing the abilities and skills required by an expert senior system administrator to manage Red Hat Enterprise’s Linux systems.

The most significant benefit IT professionals can receive is that this RHCE EX294 certification program is a highly preferred Linux accreditation across the world that translates into endless job offers and a gratifying career. This certification program brings you and helps you increase your ability to handle some other distribution systems Linux. It includes SuSe, Mandrake, and TurboLinux.

What Are Career Opportunities After RHCE EX294 Certification?

India is the outsourcing center and a center of corporate headquarters of many big MNCs and corporate entities. This is all that provide better chances for IT professionals.

If you have completed the RHCE EX294 Certification, you will have better career opportunities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. This course is offered to get you connected in hands-on-practice exercises and lab to understand the Linux environment’s new features and capabilities.

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Average of Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Salary

Red Hat Certified Engineer EX294 is watchful as the highest giving certification courses in the Linux field received a salary of roughly about $101,527 per year. It is significant to know that RHCE will vary from one Red Hat Certified Engineers to one based on their job character.


In simple words, the Red Hat EX294 certification program brings you more to learn from it. The precise knowledge helps you enhance your career and ensures better salaries with excellent growth in your future. Regardless of whether you are just at the start of your IT career or you already have several years of experience under your belt, Red Hat’s certifications can help you move up the steps and find a job worthy of your skills and aspirations.

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