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What to Expect from Cisco DevNet Professional Certification?

Cisco certifications are universally defined as one of the most distinguished and acknowledged networking certifications in the industry. With Cisco DevNet Professional, your skill in networking fundamentals and specific advanced concepts are strongly established in the eyes of your employer.

Cisco DevNet Professional certifications validate the most advanced technical skills that can make you an expert IT professional, with the prospective to evolve a whole new supporting infrastructure in the IT field, soaring your careers to the next levels.

The Cisco DevNet track incorporates associate, specialist, and professional levels. If you are already well-established in IT, the ideal place for you to begin is DevNet Professional certification. Below, let’s perceive what you need to know to get certified and the whole path you need to finish.

Information on Cisco DevNet Professional Certification

This certification was developed for those who want to prove specialized knowledge in Cisco platforms and APIs and use them for the design, management, development, and deployment of applications. The certification is ideal for the following professionals:

  • seasoned network engineers who have the desire to develop their automation skills and understanding of modern software;
  • developers geared up to acquire skill in DevOps and automation;
  • solution architects who strive to work with Cisco products;
  • Infrastructure developers that design inveterate production environments.

Minimum three to five years of experience in designing and implementing applications built on top of Cisco platforms and knowledge of Python is recommended by the vendor to obtain DevNet Professional certification.

Cisco DevNet Professional Certification Path: What’s Involved

The DevNet Professional certification will confirm your knowledge of Cisco platforms, understanding and utilizing APIs, software design and development, deployment of applications, infrastructure and automation, and assuring their security.

To obtain this certification, you have to take two exams: a core exam that assesses your fundamental skills and a concentration exam out of the options given to you, customized to the field you are the most interested in.

The core exam for DevNet Professional is 350-901 DEVCOR. It is a 120-minute exam whose major area of focus is your expertise in designing and developing software using APIs and standard Cisco platforms. It will also take a standard of your proficiency in the deployment of applications and carrying out security strategies, along with an understanding of automation and infrastructure. This exam abstractedly provides you a specialist certification that will certify your expertise.

For the DevNet Professional concentration exam, you are given 8 options to choose from. They all last for 90 minutes and examine you on topics that came to light much recently, such as enterprise, collaboration, data center, service provider, security, and DevOps automation, as well as the Internet of Things and Cloud. To notice your accomplishments, each of these exams also gets you a Specialist certification.

Advantages of Becoming a Cisco DevNet Certified Professional

Why is Cisco DevNet Professional certification so special? Why would you choose to earn it over the many hundreds of other certifications available? Here’s are the reasons:

  1. Cisco-certified professionals join a global community that’s forming the future of technology. Cisco DevNet training and certifications equip you with the essential knowledge and experience to learn the art of designing applications that utilize Cisco platforms’ full power, from executing and running the infrastructure to writing the code that fetches that infrastructure to life.
  2. The programmable technology landscape is evolving rapidly and puts forward ever more innovations. The profound knowledge given by Cisco will allow you to adjust to any situation that may occur, future-proofing your business and your career.
  3. You will have the chance to learn to harness Cisco technology’s incredible power in your applications and user experiences, hence obtaining great results and satisfying the latest requirements of the industry.
  4. You’ll be able to reinforce your professional advancement, a multinational technology corporation, provided Cisco certified employees are well-acknowledged and worthy. Having their certification, you’ll place yourself apart from other developers and networkers and shape a career the way you want it to be.

Job Profiles You can get with Cisco DevNet Professional Certification.

Though achieving a Cisco certification is not only about knowledge and recognition, but it is about a broader diversity in possible job profiles too. As you already make out, with the Cisco DevNet Professional certification, you’ll make the most of the new opportunities in software development, application design, and automation. Expertise in these domains gives way to a whole lot of positions that you can obtain. Some of them are listed below.

  • Software Engineer
  • Developer/ Sr. Developer
  • Sr. Test Development Engineer
  • Automation Engineer/ Sr. Engineer
  • Applications Developer/ Sr. Developer
  • Cloud Developer/ Sr. Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Engineer/ Sr. DevOps Engineer


The Cisco DevNet Professional certification is designed for software professionals to prove their skills within the Cisco ecosystem. So, if you are an IT professional looking to broaden your knowledge, producing new opportunities for yourself, becoming internationally recognized, and distinguish yourself from others, this certification is best for you. Exceed your goals, attain new heights in your career, and become a developer by learning, coding, inspiring, and connecting with the CCIE DevNet certification.

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