Explore the differences between Oracle certifications 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082 to choose the right one for your career path.

Oracle 1Z0-083 vs. 1Z0-082: Understanding the Differences and Deciding Which to Take

Choosing the right Oracle certification can significantly impact your career in database administration. Oracle offers a variety of exams for professionals aiming to validate their skills and knowledge in managing Oracle databases. Among the popular choices are the Oracle Database Administration I (1Z0-082) and Oracle Database Administration II (1Z0-083) certifications.

Both exams cater to professionals who want to prove their expertise in Oracle Database Administration, yet they cater to different levels of proficiency and career needs.

Understanding the distinctions between these two exams will help you decide which certification best aligns with your career objectives and skill set.

Overview of Oracle 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082 Exams

The Oracle 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082 exams are designed to certify the skills and knowledge needed for database administration using Oracle Database technology.

Each exam targets different aspects of Oracle Database Administration, catering to various expertise levels and professional requirements in the information technology industry.

Understanding the specifics and expectations of each exam can help candidates choose the right certification path according to their career objectives.

What is the Oracle 1Z0-083 exam?

The Oracle 1Z0-083 exam, also known as Oracle Database Administration II, is part of the certification process for becoming an Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional.

Passing this second exam in a two exam path proves your skills in: installation, upgrades, patching, SQL programming skills, database and network administration and backup and recovery. This person also demonstrates fluency with some advanced skills such as multi-tenant, SQL performance monitoring and problem determination.

This exam covers topics including Creating CDBs and Regular PDBs – Oracle Database, Manage CDBs and PDBs – Oracle Database, Backup and Duplicate – Oracle Database, and many more.

What is the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam?

The Oracle 1Z0-082 exam, named Oracle Database Administration I, serves as an entry point into the Oracle certification world for aspiring database administrators.

Passing this first exam in the two exam path proves your skills in SQL programming skills, database and network administration.

The 1Z0-082 is designed for professionals who are beginning their journey in managing Oracle environments, covering basic concepts like Understanding Oracle Database Architecture – Oracle Database, Managing Database Instances – Oracle Database, Managing Users, Roles and Privileges – Oracle Database, and many more. This exam sets the stage for further advancement and more complex responsibilities covered in subsequent certifications.

Exam Format and Structure

Oracle 1Z0-083 Exam Details

The Oracle 1Z0-083 exam format includes 68 multiple-choice questions that candidates must complete within a 120 minutes duration.

The exam thoroughly tests the candidate’s ability to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios through complex problem-solving and decision-making questions. It is designed to challenge the understanding of Oracle Database’s more intricate and advanced features.

Oracle 1Z0-082 Exam Details

Similar to the 1Z0-083, the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam also consists of 72 multiple-choice questions. However, the focus is more on the understanding of fundamental database concepts and basic operational tasks.

This examination provides a solid foundation for further specialized training and certifications in Oracle Database technologies.

Difficulty Level and Prerequisites

Difficulty Comparison Between 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082

When comparing the difficulty levels of Oracle 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082, it’s clear that the former is designed to be more challenging.

Oracle 1Z0-083 exam delves deeper into advanced administration topics and requires more sophisticated understanding of Oracle database environments.

In contrast, the 1Z0-082 exam focuses on the fundamentals of database administration, providing a solid groundwork for further development but with less complexity.

Prerequisites for Taking Each Exam

While there are no specific prerequisites for the Oracle 1Z0-082 exam, individuals aspiring to take it should possess a basic grasp of fundamental database administration principles and practices. Familiarity with SQL, PL/SQL programming, and Oracle Database would be advantageous

On the other hand, the Oracle 1Z0-083 requires a higher level of expertise. Candidates should already possess strong foundational knowledge gained from real-world experience or from passing the 1Z0-082 exam. This exam is aimed at seasoned database administrators looking to advance their skills and understanding of complex Oracle environments.

Career Opportunities and Advantages of Certification

Benefits of Being Oracle certified

Earning an Oracle certification offers multiple professional advantages. Primarily, it validates your expertise and knowledge in the latest Oracle database technology and practices, increasing your credibility in the competitive IT industry.

Certified professionals often enjoy higher job security and are considered for roles involving more responsibilities. Additionally, having an Oracle certification can lead to higher salary potential.

Employers often recognize the value brought by certified individuals and are likely to offer better compensation compared to non-certified peers.

Furthermore, certification is a great way to maintain professional currency, as it requires continuing education and re-certification, which keeps your skills sharp and up-to-date.

Career Growth Opportunities with Each Certification

The Oracle Database Administration certifications, specifically the 1Z0-082 and 1Z0-083 exams, open doors to various career paths.

For those holding the 1Z0-082 (Oracle Database Administration I certification), opportunities typically include junior database administrator roles and other entry-level positions that can eventually lead to senior database manager positions.

On the other hand, the 1Z0-083 certification (Oracle Database Administration II) is more advanced and is generally pursued by those looking to solidify their expertise in database administration.

Choosing the Right Exam for You

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082

When deciding between the Oracle 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082 exams, it’s essential to consider several key factors.

First, assess your current skill level and experience in database administration.

The 1Z0-082 exam is designed for individuals with less experience and covers basic concepts and essential skills in Oracle database management.

In contrast, the 1Z0-083 is more advanced, ideal for those who already have some background and are looking to deepen their expertise.

Also, consider the specific topics covered in each exam and how they align with your current job responsibilities or future career aspirations.

Personal Career Goals and Alignment with the Exam Content

Aligning the exam you choose with your long-term career goals is crucial for your professional development.

If you are at the beginning of your career or looking to enter the field of database administration, the Oracle 1Z0-082 might be the appropriate starting point.

This certification will help you build a foundation and gradually climb up the career ladder. Conversely, if you are already in a database administration role and are looking to enhance your skills and take on more complex challenges, the Oracle 1Z0-083 would be more suitable.

Reflect on where you want to be in the next few years and choose the certification that will best help you achieve those goals.

Preparation Tips and Resources

Study Resources for Oracle 1Z0-083 exam

To prepare for the Oracle Database Administration II (1Z0-083) exam, accessing the right resources is crucial.

Oracle University offers comprehensive training courses such as

Additionally, the Oracle Learning Library provides a vast array of free tutorials and resources that can aid in your study.

Investing in Oracle’s official Certification Prep Seminar for 1Z0-083 is also a wise decision, as it offers targeted insights and tips directly from expert instructors.

Practice exams and books focused on Oracle 19c, the database version pertinent to this test, are also beneficial.

Study Resources for Oracle 1Z0-082 Exam

For the Oracle Database Administration I (1Z0-082) exam, starting with the official Oracle study guides and online courses offered through Oracle University can significantly enhance your preparation.

Key resources include the “Earn the Oracle Database Administration 2019 Certified Professional Credential,” which lays a solid foundation in database administration concepts necessary for this entry-level certification.

Utilizing the Oracle Learning Library for additional free resources, such as practice exercises and instructional videos, will complement your studying.

Moreover, forums and study groups, such as those found on LinkedIn and Oracle’s own community pages, can provide peer support and valuable insights from others who have taken the exam.

Tips for Preparing Effectively for Oracle Certification Exams

Effective preparation for any Oracle certification exam involves a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Understand the Exam Format and Objectives: Familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam and the key topics covered to ensure a comprehensive study plan.
  • Set a Study Schedule: Allocate regular study times and stick to them. Consistency is key to retaining information.
  • Hands-On Practice: Use Oracle software to practice as you learn. Real-world application of the concepts discussed in study materials is crucial.
  • Take Practice Tests: Regularly taking practice exams can help identify your strong and weak areas and adjust your study habits accordingly.
  • Join Study Groups: Engaging with others preparing for the same test can provide moral support, enable knowledge sharing, and clarify doubts with peer discussions.
  • Rest and Review: Finally, ensure you rest adequately before the exam day and do a light review of all topics to refresh your memory.
Explore the differences between Oracle certifications 1Z0-083 and 1Z0-082 to choose the right one for your career path.


Choosing the right Oracle certification exam, whether the 1Z0-082 or 1Z0-083, hinges on your current skill level, professional experience, and career aspirations.

The 1Z0-082 is ideal for those new to Oracle Database technologies, seeking foundational knowledge.

Conversely, the 1Z0-083 is suited for experienced database professionals aiming to deepen their expertise with more complex database solutions.

Assess your goals and capabilities to select the certification path that aligns with your professional growth and the demands of the evolving tech landscape.